Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress for 9 year old, are there others I should consider?

Looking for a “green” (full size) mattress for my 9 year old son. Unfortunately, we cannot afford a 100% natural latex, but want something as green as possible, specifically want to avoid toxic fire retardants, and offgassing from poly urethane foam. I found the Ultimate Dreams on amazon, price very reasonable, and I understand from research on your site that this is manufacured by Brooklyn Bedding, who you hold in high regard. Are there any other mattresses that I should consider in this category? Do you know if this mattress is treated with fire retardants? any assistance would be mucho appreciated, I am going cross-eyed from all the reading. (ps - we’re considering Sleep EZ for a mattress for ourselves, but that will come later…)

pps - thank you so much for the incredible work you put into this forum - the information is invaluable!

Hi nativefinn,

Post #2 here has links to all the better threads in the forum about mattresses and children including thoughts about their design, firmness level, what may be worth considering and avoiding, and some of the better sources and mattresses available for kids of different ages.