Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress on Amazon

The Ulitmate Dreams Queen 10" Ultra Plush Latex Mattress with Bamboo Cover on Amazon is described as follows:

5.5 inch 2.35 pound High Density convoluted base foam
3 inches of Talalay Latex
A Quilted Bamboo cover that contains 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers with 1.5 inches of super soft reflex foam.

Your Mattress Support Cores Guide states:

High Resiliency polyfoam (HR): This is the highest grade of polyfoam and weighs 2.5 lbs per cubic foot or more. It also must have a support factor (progressive resistance) of 2.4 or higher to qualify for this grade. You co on to say…
One caution worth knowing about is that HR polyfoam is among the most commonly mislabeled foams and it often seems that any polyfoam that has a density of more that 2.5 lbs/cu. ft. or even lower is called HR yet you will not be told that it does not have the required support factor of 2.4 or higher to be HR.

Before I order this Mattress I have the following questions:

  1. If the polyfoam used in the Ultimate Dreams Mattress is stated as 2.35, it is HD not HR……correct?

  2. Can we assume it is “almost as good” as 2.5 or higher HR foam? Do you know what the support factor of this foam
    actually is? Or, is this just too much ‘in the weeds’ and not really a concern?

  3. Are the foam layers separate pieces of foam, or are the glued or otherwise bonded together.

  4. Is the Quilted bamboo cover zippered or sewn in place?

Hi jostarr,

HR polyfoam is often used as a descriptive tem (meaning higher resiliency) rather than as a technical term (as an actual grade of foam). You are correct that the foam that is used in the Ultimate Dreams is technically HD rather than HR. In many cases the foam suppliers themselves will incorrectly describe their foams (at least technically) and their description is repeated in the mattress description. These types of specs can be amazingly difficult to find out for certain.

Yes … technically this is HD polyfoam (although it is higher quality than is normally used).

No … I don’t know these types of details (and the various foam suppliers often don’t publish these either) but in a support layer I would consider this to be well above the usual quality that is normally used even in much higher priced mattresses. In a comfort layer … HR foam has other advantages besides just the greater density (and the durability that goes with it) because it is a higher performance (and higher cost) foam than HD foam in the same density but in a base layer this is not so important.

I believe they are glued (except of course for the exchangeable Eurotop) but they would be able to answer this more authoritatively than I could.

  1. Is the Quilted bamboo cover zippered or sewn in place?

The Eurotop has a zipper so that the latex layer can be exchanged but the others are sewn.


Just for further clarification, the standard Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress is not zippered. I ordered and received the standard 10" Ultimate Dreams mattress a few weeks ago. With Chuck’s help I chose the comfort level 6 in a twin XL. After sleeping on it for a few weeks I can say I am very happy with the mattress. I’m setting up a split king on adjustable bases and so wanted to order one side first to check the comfort level. I’m ready to order the other side and will probably order a level 7 this time. I had recent shoulder surgery and feel a little softer comfort level might be just a little better, although the level 6 was good. Very impressed with the service and quality of Dreamfoam.