Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress

Hi Great Site !!!

Will a comfort level of 7 be to soft for a side sleeper with bad hips?

Will this foundation work


Hi Vcamp,

I have no idea (I don’t know what a 7 feels like to me much less someone else) but I would encourage you to speak directly with the manufacturer or retailer of a mattress and provide them with more details about your body type, sleeping style, and personal preferences and the results of any local testing you have done that can help them to help you choose more effectively.

If you are purchasing one of their mattresses with a polyfoam base then it would probably be OK yes but once again talking directly with the manufacturer would be the best way to make sure that any foundation you choose that is lower quality or less supportive than what they offer will satisfy their warranty requirements.


I’ve just ordered a firmness 7 latex mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, which according to the membership list, the same company that provides for the Ultimate Dreams Storefront on Amazon.com. I will report back when I receive it.

Hi lur3nj14,

Yes … Brooklyn Bedding is the manufacturer of the Dreamfoam mattresses on Amazon and they are the same company. They are in the process of launching their new line of mattresses on their own site. All the mattresses on their own site have an exchangeable comfort layer and the exchange and return policy is also a little better than the Amazon mattresses that allow a comfort exchange.

I’m looking forward to your feedback … and most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: