Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex mattress

Hi there,
First off, thanks for the amazing site.

Just a quick discussion on the Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex mattress (dunlop).

Does anyone have experience with these?


I’m drawn to that model mostly due to the wool layer in the pad. I’m a little concerned however it won’t be quite as nice a feel as the talalay. I’m looking for a medium firmness, and perhaps thought could get a 6 dunlop vs their standard 5 talalay (for compression differences).

Real world experience would be invaluable on this subject, but any thoughts would be appreciated as well. Thoughts on how warm the standard cover would be useful too. That’s really the only draw for me towards that mattress.


Hi mtnickel,

While there has been lots of feedback about the Ultimate Dreams ultra plush model that uses Talalay and the eurutop and now the gel foam as well (a review from the last couple of days), there hasn’t been any feedback about this particular model on the forum.

The main difference is that in an apples to apples comparison … Dunlop is a little less “springy” and denser than talalay and has a little higher support factor (you don’t sink in quite as far) compared to Talalay of the same ILD.

The wool is also a very nice bonus because they use it for the fire barrier and it also has other benefits (breathability and temperature regulation) in the quilting layer of a mattress. Their site talks about the benefits of wool quilting as well as I could …

This is a newer model so there hasn’t been as much feedback on it but it certainly is a great addition to their line for those who want the benefits of wool in the sleeping surface and who prefer the slightly different or more “solid” feel of Dunlop latex.


What exactly is the “Dunlap latex” used in this mattress? Everything describing this Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex mattress says Dunlap instead of Dunlop, so it is not just a typo. There seems to be no explanation of what Dunlap latex is from Ultimate Dreams or anyone else. Any thoughts? I am trying to decide between the UD Latex and the UD Natural Latex, but wondering what real benefits (if any) there would be with the natural model. My wife is somewhat sensitive to chemicals but no very much so.

Hi robsteveson,

Dunlop and Dunlap are the same thing. Dunlop is the most common name and the “correct” one but there are many people who also refer to it as Dunlap. I don’t know where the original misspelling originated or why it because popular.

You can read a little more about the different types of latex in post #6 here. All the latex you are likely to encounter (Dunlop or Talalay production methods using either blended or 100% natural latex) has been certified through various testing organizations such as Oeko-Tex as being free from harmful materials or VOC’s and latex in any of its many versions is one of the “safest” materials available.

The choice between Talalay and Dunlop is really a matter of personal preference (you can read a bit more about the differences in how they feel in post #7 here although personal experience would be the best way to know which one you prefer.


Hi there -

I know it’s only been a month or so, but just wanted to see if there were any folks who had experience with the natural latex mattress since the last post. Like many others, the information on this site is pointing me toward Brooklyn Bedding/Ultimate Dreams as a great value. I’m leaning toward the Talalay based on general reactions to the firmness of Dunlop, but I haven’t had an opportunity to try it for myself. Anybody able to share their experience with this mattress?

Like Mark the main appeal is the wool, so I may just opt for the Bamboo Bliss which appears to have wool as well with the Talalay, but just wanted to consider all options. Thanks!


Hi cwackattack,

You probably already know this but besides the wool (and that it uses Talalay) the Bamboo Bliss also has the option to exchange the comfort layer after a purchase for a different firmness level which can lower the risk of making a less than ideal comfort choice and for some people may be an important part of its “value”.

Hopefully some forum members that have purchased the Natural Latex mattress will see your post and give you their feedback.

Keeping in mind that ILD may not translate well from Dunlop to Talalay because of their different response curves and compression modulus … you can see a very rough estimate of the firmness of various densities of Dunlop in post #2 here.


Hi Phoenix and forum members,

This is my first time posting but I have been reading a lot of the fantastic and very informative information on this site. It’s been an absolute lifesaver in the otherwise very confusing mattress-buying process.

I’ve finally narrowed down my options to the Dreamfoam Latex/Foam mattresses, and specifically between two versions sold on Amazon - the Ultimate Dreams 10" Latex with Talalay and the Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex with Dunlop. I’ve tried all-latex mattresses in the store, and of course loved the feel and got a sense of my firmness preferences, but I just wanted to check if anyone had thoughts on how layering latex on HD foam would change that - would it make it ‘feel’ firmer or softer in comparison to the all-latex versions? Also, would there be a difference in this effect if the foam is the higher density foam version in the Ultimate Dreams Dunlop as opposed to the lower density foam version in the Talalay version?

Thank you again for all this great information!

Hi storbert,

Polyfoam comes in firmer and softer versions (just like latex) so the firmness of a mattress doesn’t have anything to do with the type of materials only the firmness of the material. Softness and firmness also is very subjective and one person may call a mattress firm while someone else may think the same mattress is soft depending on their body weight, sleeping positions, and individual perceptions.

You can read a little more about the different “feel” of Dunlop vs Talalay in post #7 here but both of these also come in firmer and softer versions. In the same firmness level (ILD) … most people will “feel” Dunlop as being firmer.

You can also read a little more about the differences between a latex hybrid (latex comfort layer over a polyfoam support core) and an all latex mattress in post #2 here.

Higher density polyfoam is more durable than lower density polyfoam but the upper layers or a mattress are the weak link of most mattresses so for most people who don’t compress the foam layers much beyond the top layers, slightly lower density in the support layers won’t make a significant difference in durability and can make a good choice in a lower budget mattress. In these cases the performance of “feel” of the support layers may be more important than the density and the 1.5 lb foam they use is a high performance foam even though it has a lower density. With higher weights then the density of the polyfoam support layers would play a more important role in the durability of the mattress and would be more important.

If you were in a higher weight range than most and more likely to compress the foam below the latex more deeply then I would consider either their mattresses that use a higher density polyfoam base layer (either on their Brooklyn Bedding site or on the Amazon site) or consider a mattress that used latex in the middle layer as well as the top layer…


Hi Phoenix,

Thank you for all the great information! The links were particularly helpful. I had been deciding earlier between an all-latex and either an innerspring hybrid or foam hybrid. I ended up going with the lower cost version because I move around a lot for work (I’ve never kept a mattress more than 2 years!), and thus a large investment doesn’t make in a mattress just yet. One day, though. :slight_smile: Actually, I had trouble finding a lower-priced innerspring-latex hybrid (the one mentioned on this site from CozyPure doesn’t seem to be offered anymore), so it looked like the latex-foam hybrid was the best option.

I ended up going with their standard 10" Ultimate Dreams Talalay latex hybrid on Amazon. I’d talked to a few other companies before purchasing, and I have to say that Mario from BB was fantastic and really helpful with figuring out the pros/cons of the different models. My perfect bed would have been a Talalay version of their Amazon natural dunlop bed with a higher density core and wool in the cover (I hope someday they offer that on Amazon because I think they might have a market!), but with a lower cost from not having the extra core mattress height or the return/exchange policy from BB (but plus the extra cost of the Talalay), but alas the other closest choice was the Bamboo Bliss, which is a great mattress but about ~500 more than the alternative. Being lightweight, with fewer concerns about durability, and just knowing realistically that I’d never actually return a mattress (I’m not actually that picky, and I’ve slept on some real horrors over the years - so anything is going to be a step up!), I figured the basic Amazon model was the best bet.

Anyways - that is to say, thank you for having this site! I probably would have gotten a same-priced foam/innerspring from a nearby mattress store, or even worse, followed the advice in Consumer Reports, and not been nearly as happy with my purchase if I hadn’t been able to read about what goes into a mattress here.

I’ll come back to the site and let people know how the mattress goes after I’ve had it for a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hi storbert,

Thanks for the feedback … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

It seems to me that you made a great choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.