Ultimate Dreams vs. Easy Rest

So I believe I have narrowed it down to two mattresses.

One is the ultimate dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress (I am also considering the 10" but havent seen much feedback on it)


And the other is the Easy Rest Cloud 9 Pillow Top 12" Premium Memory Foam Mattress. I was planning on getting a platform but noticed they are offering the set for 27 dollars more than the ultimate dreams mattress by itself.


So if you had your choice which would you choose? The ultimate dreams or the silver rest? has anyone dealt with fullhousefurniture.com?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Mike096,

In terms of the quality of the foams they are very similar in “value” except the Ultimate Dreams uses a higher quality and thicker base layer (2.35 lbs vs 2.0 lbs). They are close though to apples to apples comparisons in terms of basic value.

I would also keep in mind that Fullhousefurniture only ships their foundation within the state of Montana so in both cases you would be buying a mattress only (unless you are in Montana).

I have talked with Fullhousefurniture and they are an authorized dealer for Easy Rest so they are new mattresses and they are not selling “floor models” or “comfort exchanges” because they also don’t accept returns.

I’m assuming you mean Easy Rest rather than Silver Rest (which is a different manufacturer completely). When you are down to good choices … My job is to “get out of the way” and I don’t make these kind of choices for others because their “value equation” and what they may need and prefer in terms of objective, subjective, and intangible considerations may be very different from mine. My goal is always to help people get down to good final choices help them understand any tradeoffs between their choices and “how” to make them not which choice to make.

With all of this … they are close enough that the choice between them may be subjective and intangible considerations not the least of which is your confidence that one of the other of them may be more suitable for your specific needs and preferences and any other preferences you may have in dealing with one or the other. While the foam layers may be similar … they may not be the same in terms of their suitability, feel or performance in long term use. Because of each person’s individual needs and preferences … an online purchase where there is no exchange or options after the purchase may be risky without a reference point of personal testing on a similar mattress.

The Ultimate Dreams has a similar feel to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe (except a slight bit firmer) so this could give you a reference point for these.

Easy Rest is available in many areas of the country (although generally at higher prices) and if there is a retailer close to you (see their store finder here) you could also test these in person if there was a retailer close to you.

Overall you are down to choosing between “good and good” in terms of value and the difference between them may boil down to smaller differences that are important to you based on either the mattress itself, your confidence in how suitable either may be for you, conversations with each one, or on any other differences in your overall buying experience with each.

It may even boil down to a free latex pillow (which is the bonus Ultimate Dreams provides to the members of this site). :).


Thank you once again Phoenix for your input :slight_smile:

And yes I meant Easy Rest… Silver Rest is not a company I would like to go with. And I learned that from this site :slight_smile:

I am also going to call some local shops in Memphis (where I am moving). I want to see what they have to offer as far as price and value. If they dont have anything in my price range it will boil down to these two and I will have a hard decision to make.

I doubt I am going to find something locally with the kind of value Easy Rest (or Fullhousefurniture) and Dreamfoam are offering but I guess we will see.

I also plan to call dreamfoam and Fullhousefurniture. Hopefully I will get a good feeling about one while I am on the phone and just pull the trigger

Thanks again,

Hi Mikew096,

This to me is the “best” approach and either you will find a suitable mattress locally that is great quality and value or your local testing will be helpful with your choices in an online order. You will have a much better frame of reference. It’s great to have some backups if the local quality, value, and selection turns out not to be as good as you hoped.

In general I use about a 20% - 25% differential between “apples to apples” comparisons locally and online as a reference point for “good local value” because of the benefits of dealing locally and the lower risk involved. Of course each person may use a different number as representing “equivalent value”. Having some good sources already though puts you in a good position.

I also think this is a good idea and it can give you some insights into the mattress as well as who you are dealing with which can be just as important.

I think you are in a good position :slight_smile: