Ultimate Hybrid and Foundation

I am in the market for king and full size mattresses and foundations for two beds. After reading about Arizona Premium Mattress (APM) products at mattress.net and being impressed by Ken Hightower’s knowledge and commitment to customers as well as Phoenix and the vast information assembled at the themattressunderground.com, I have converged on two APM products that would appear to best meet my needs but for which there are some questions for APM:

(A) Regarding the Ultimate Hybrid-Pocket Coil/Latex mattress (webpage- Ultimate Hybrid- Pocket Coil/Latex)-

(A1) What are the nominal diameters of the coils (not wire gauges) used in the Leggett and Platt Quantum Edge Comfort Core Elite 8" Pocket Coil base?

(A2) Long-term durability: Is there a separator/insulator between the bottom quilted inside of the mattress cover and the bottom of the pocket coil assembly? If so, please describe. If not, what prevents the bottom of a coil from eventually wearing a hole through the pocket and then the cover?

(A3) The sleepers for a king size bed would be a 5’ 10" / 195 lbs (BMI 28) person that uses all sleeping positions and a 5’ 2" / 180 lbs (BMI 33) person who sleeps 75% on side and 25% on back. Of the firmnesses offered in the Dunlop and Talalay layer types, would “medium” be APM’s initial firmness recommendation for both sleepers? Given the sleepers’ characteristics, which would be favored at the “medium” firmness - Dunlop or Talalay or is the choice simply a matter of personal preference? Would the 3" internal latex layer, at “medium” firmness, be sufficiently thick to avoid an external topper?

(A4) What certifications are available for the “… 3” All Natural Talalay and All Natural Dunlop …" toppers as well as the wool used in the zippered cover? Please confirm that “…All Natural…” means that no synthetic latex is used in making the Talalay and Dunlop toppers.

(A5) Observing the latex layer’s smaller pinhole diameters around the perimeter as shown in the mattress’s webpage photograph (in the section, “Latex Makes the Perfect Hybrid Mattress Topper”), does this mean that the latex layer is zoned (or at least firmer at the edge, ignoring the pocket coil assembly)? Are there other zone(s) on the latex layer (but out of view because of the cover’s position over the latex layer in the photo)?

(A6) Out of what material is the fabric made which is used for pocketing the base’s coils? How does Leggett and Platt document any toxicity of the hot melt glue used during assembly of the base?
(A6.1) For reference to hot gluing, see 1:32 in the L&P video on the webpage.
(A6.2) For example, hot melt glue products, as art supplies, are required by federal law to include a statement of conformance with ASTM D 4236 concerning labeling of products with known chronic health hazards.

(A7) How would the difference in mattress firmness between the middle zone and the head/foot zones of the base be characterized? (For example of a helpful response: with a medium Talalay topper, the middle zone is approximately 0.5 more firm, on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the firmest, than the head/foot zones)

(A8) Please describe the extent to which the law label requirements of the state to which a mattress would be shipped, are met (TX in my case). Would a law label be attached to the cover? Would the law label mention the type (Talalay, Dunlop) and quality (organic, all natural, blended) of latex foam? Does exchanging a Talalay topper for a Dunlop topper necessitate replacing the law label?

(B) Regarding the Wood Foundation (5" height, webpage: Wood Foundations) -

(B1) What is the maximum width of the gap between adjacent slats for the full and king size foundations?

(B2) Would the foundation cover match the mattress cover when the foundation is purchased with the mattress? If so, does this happen as a matter of routine or must the foundation’s matching cover have to be requested by the customer at the time of order?

(B3) For a king size mattress, may two TwinXL foundations be used instead of one King foundation (at additional cost)? Any practical reasons why the two TwinXL foundations should not be used instead of a King foundation? What are the weights of the King foundation and one TwinXL foundation?

Many thanks to Ken and Phoenix for forum and The Mattress Underground!

Good questions. The approx. diameter of the small coils is 1.5 inches and the larger coils is 2.5 inches. Although not shown in the pictures they use a Typar material which is very strong both on top and on bottom of all their pocket coils which prevents wear through. The material is commonly used on the back side of quilting as well to keep the threads from pulling through.

3" of Medium Talalay is a good choice based on the info provided. It’s supportive enough to keep you from feeling the coils.

Both our Talalay and Dunlop are Oeko-tex 100 Class 1 certified to be free of harmful chemicals and safe for infants and made exclusively with all natural latex in this model. Joma Wool® meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, a globally standardised, independent mark of quality for textile products. This certification assures our manufacturers, retailers and customers around the world that Joma Wool® meets extremely strict limit values for several hundred harmful substances, including pesticides, carcinogenic colourants and heavy metals.

The latex is not zoned. The smaller holes are used in Radium’s core molds and have little to do with anything. Talalay Global has uniform holes throughout. Since we offer both manufacturers, and have for over 20 years, we’ve noticed no difference in edge support or durability with either company.

I will reach out to Leggett and Platt about the hot melt glue but the coils themselves are electronically fused together, no glue. Only the protective layer of Typar is glued in certain areas to hold it in place.

I would say that the lumbar support is approx. 15 to 20 % firmer.

Our law label states the product consists of all new material 95% latex foam and 5% wool on coil spring unit. Specifics are not required nor would the law label change if you switched from dunlop to talalay.

The wood foundation slat gap is between 2.5 to 2.75 inches. The matching cover is included when purchasing a mattress. The king foundation is simply less expensive than 2 twinxl. The King foundation weighs approx. 70 lbs and the TwinXL are about 40 each.

If you have more questions of this nature I would appreciate if you would send them to my direct email [email protected] That way I can cut a paste info easier.

Ken - Many thanks for your reply. I was wondering what you may have heard from Leggett and Platt about the hot melt glue?

My rep is checking on it for me.