Ultra plush mattress is it discontinuing?

I so glad that I did purchased my ultra plush pillow top mattress $2,000 labor day sale on the online it is 17.5 high size mattress.

Last week, I went to website and it has ultra plush pillow top high 17.5 mattress then this week, I went to same website, it has no longer ultra plush pillow top high 17.5 mattress, what do you think?

Just because it was discontinued doesnt mean it is a bad mattress.


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Sometimes manufactures “discontinue” things because they want to introduce the same or similar item with an updated or “renamed” technology. Many times, they want to add or eliminate a particular color, size, or characteristic, so they reintroduce the item under a different cover name. If you look at mattresses, some lines out there from the various manufacturers it happen all the time. Of course, when something is not selling well, that could be the cause too, but if you are happy with your purchase, then I would not worry too much about it. It is just marketing most of the time.


I went to 2 common mattress company websites, all they had are extra firm, firm, medium, plush, firm pillow top, medium pillow top, and plush pillow top mattress but they don’t have ultra plush and ultra plush pillow top mattress anymore?

Perhaps they redefined those definitions due to possible customer confusion. Too many choices. You can really never know what those definitions actually mean, unless you are able to view each mattress side by side and know the values for each layer of the mattress. Plus, if they only change one layer, it is easier to compare, but if they modified each layer a bit, you probably will really never know.

Hi f23948.

Looks like a lot of folks here in the comments have given some thought and insight into the many reasons mattresses discontinue. Sometimes it’s not a popular model, sometimes it’s undergoing a renovation with new/proprietary blends, etc.

Were you ultimately able to purchase the mattress?


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My brand new ultra plush pillow top mattress high 17.5 has been delivered on September 16, 2023 and i really love it

I haven’t go to most popular mattress website since a long time until I just went to most popular mattress website, it makes me sad that they don’t have extra soft mattresses what happened??

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What sites are you referring to, others may be interesting in perusing them too.

Beautyrest, Stearns & Foster and Tempur Pedic