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Hi all,

Recently I have lived in China as an expat for a few years and coming back to the US have realized that I have grown accustomed to Chinese bedding and mattresses and am having a hard time finding anything close to the firmness they have in China.

For me, I have found the super firm mattresses that the locals use in China is great for my back and I have not had back pain ever since going to China a very unintended perk.

Now I am back in the US and am on the hunt to find something similar. In China, mattresses are often 2-3 inches thick and made up of a cover with the inside made up of basically wood. You then add a light topper and yo are good to get. Some examples online are

I am looking for something similar where I can get it in the US. Price isn’t a huge issue, budget is very flexible as a good night’s sleep is a must. Do note that in China, these mattresses are typically around 100-300 US since it’s simple construction, My budget is anything from that to 2-3k for a King sized bed.

The closes I have come to replicating this is buying a bed that doesn’t require a box and is made up of solid wood where it would typically support the mattress. Instead of a mattress I put on a 2 inch layer of memory foam. The firmness is close but I am looking for a little bit of give but remaining firm something like a cork material mattress but am having no luck. 3 inch memory foam makes the bed too soft.

Anyone can offer advice on where I can find something similar will be greatly appreciated.

Hi yialanliu,

If I was in your shoes I would probably be looking for a firm futon or an even thinner shikibuton.

While it’s certainly not a complete list … there are some sources for futons in post #2 here that may be helpful.


yialanliu wrote:

I know what you mean. I looked at some really firm beds from my Therapedic group at market and they were from the Indonesia licensee. None of them are currently being produced in the USA unfortunately.

I do recall that when I carried Gold Bond futons they had a really firm one and it was good quality, but that may have changed. Take a look at that list that Phoenix provided.

One other option that is sort of outside of the box. If you wanyed to make your own, you could try ordering a coir rug and then placing a 1"-2" firmer piece of latex on top of that.

Hi - Appreciate all of the info provided on this site. We had not idea of the depth of detail and information available in the purchase of a new bed. We reviewed content on this site for an entire day and decided on the Bliss latex line. Luckily the webite’s store locator produced a local option for us to visit. We intended to buy the Bliss but ended up with the Gold Bond Brilliance. From the PPP, we found this bed to be very firm feel we were looking for as well as the pure latex composition. We left the shop with our order underway for an ergo system with two extra long twins ordered. We should receive it in two weeks. I’ll round back with a progress report.
We worked with Ken at Bedderrest in South Portland, Maine. He was excellent to work with and extremely knowledgable.
I hope this info is found helpful to someone on this site as all of you have been so generous in taking the time to provide your knowledge and experiences.
Thank you

Hi BellaHome,

I switched your post into a new topic of its own.

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up purchasing … and congratulations on your new mattress :).

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback once you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.