Understanding Latex International label

Could you please tell me what Latex International products (blended latex or 100% all natural latex) would have the following 2 labels:

  1. ID: 02213153 2; A 3; Foamer 24;
  2. ID: 02229345 1; A 4

I’ve seen A3 on 28 ILD blended. And A4 Foamer 5 on 36 ILD blended… but the 4 was labeled over with a 5 36 ILD.


Hi nept,

Here are a few pictures of LI labels (mostly partial) that I managed to track down (they aren’t easy to find on a search).

Old style with individual ILD measurements and shipping weight:

New style with density instead of shipping weight:

I don’t think any of the information you listed connects with either the type or ILD of the latex and is more likely to be quality control information that can help them track any issues if there are quality problems (such as the foamer used, the type mold, and the operator etc).

If the core is 100% natural it will be labeled N1 to N5 in several places on the label and if it’s blended it will be labelled with an actual ILD also in several places. Their old labels used to include the individual ILD measurements that were averaged and rated to a standardized ILD along with the average ILD and the actual weight of the core but now it only includes the density information and the standardized ILD (or rating number for natural) for the core. Other than this I don’t know what any of the other sections refer to specifically and it would probably require looking at their internal records to identify any specifics of what ILD or type of latex the other information may point to. You may be able to find out more by calling them directly.