Unhappy with new mattress

I am trying to figure out what to do regarding my very recent mattress purchase: we just bought a Restonic HealthRest Bliss Extra Firm mattress. We spent a lot of time laying on the floor model in the store (queen size) and were very pleased with the feel/support. We ordered a king-size, which was delivered less than a week ago. It immediately felt softer and less supportive than the store model. After only a few days of sleeping on this mattress, I am experiencing neck, shoulder, and back discomfort.

The mattress we bought has a 6" latex core (don’t know type of latex). I have the specs from the sale, but don’t know what all the abbreviations mean: 6 LAT Bot-1.875 12032; 6/6 6x75.4x79.3 C2 Latex core; 6/6 1.875x76x80 FE 12032.

Do you think adding a 2" latex topper would help with the support issue? Any other thoughts to help with support? Unfortunately, we will lose 20 percent of our purchase price by returning this mattress and we will recieve in-store credit only, so we would like to brainstorm how to make this bed comfortable if possible. If not, we will bite the bullet and exchange it. There was another restonic mattress at the store that felt much firmer, but had only a 2" latex layer (sales person didn’t know where the latex was).

The other options at this store were big name brands: serta, sealy, simmons, tempurpedic. We are thinking we will go back to an innerspring if we can’t make this comfortable. Our last bed was a Beautyrest with a pillowtop, and we found it very comfortable for about 6 years before there was definite sagging and lack of support. We don’t care for the sinking in feel of memory form and difficulty with changing position. So, we aren’t sure what to try next…

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Mysleep,

The first two things I would suggest is to contact the retailer where you purchased it and to make sure you have slept on the mattress for at least a couple of weeks. On the off chance that your mattress is also a different model … you could also check the model name on your law tag with the model name on the law tag of the mattress you tested in the store.

The suggestions in post #2 here would be the first place I would start.

I would also read post #3 here and post #6 here and post #6 here which may give you some insights about what may be happening and to make sure you have established a “pattern” of any symptoms on your new mattress and that they are not part of either the normal breaking in period of a new mattress or an adjustment period connected to sleeping on any new sleeping surface before making any changes.

I would call the retailer to translate them for you (or call the manufacturer and get the specs that make more sense to you) because they are not clear to me either. It looks like you have a king size 6" latex core with a couple of inches of low density 32 ILD polyfoam (1.2 lbs) on either one or both sides.

As you can read in post #4 here … adding a topper to a mattress that is too soft is not an effective solution to improve support. Toppers are usually only an effective solution for a mattress that is too firm and needs thicker or softer comfort layers to improve pressure relief … not as a way to improve support for a mattress that is too soft. If it becomes necessary and the mattress is clearly too soft than i would exchange for a mattress that was firmer but the first step is to find out exactly what is in your mattress layer by layer.

I would also stay away fro all the major brands unless it was absolutely necessary and that would be a whole new topic about what to do if that became necessary (an ultra firm mattress and a topper as a comfort layer is usually the best option with them).