Unhappy with SelectFoam.com

I’ve recently purchased a Select Foam Regalis-HD mattress from selectfoam.com
On their website they were running a Semi-Annual sale: Save up to $1500 on any mattress + Get a FREE 9-Piece Bed Bundle, that includes 2 Visclux Pillows, Mattress and Pillow protectors, and a Premium sheet set.
While I received the mattress and the $100 off the mattress price, I never received the 9-Piece Bed Bundle.
I’ve called the company a few times and no one has picked up the phone. I’ve also send emails regarding this and have not received any response.
While it’s a small matter considering that I’ve received the mattress and so far have been happy with it, it leaves me with a bad feeling about the company and not wanting to deal with them in the future or recommend the mattress to others.
I’m also considering calling my credit card company to see what I can do.
Hopefully, they can come to their senses and respond to me and have another happy customer…

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Hi gkushnir,

I’ve changed the heading of your post to more reasonable language that better reflects your situation.

The types of “headlines” that are so common all over the internet … that can often be the result of a situation that can be resolved … can leave a permanent mark of the reputation of a high quality manufacturer or outlet even if the situation is resolved. I know of cases like this where some of the highest quality manufacturers in the country have had to deal with the feedback from these types of headlines for years afterwards … particularly if the site is fairly highly ranked on Google … even though the situation has been fixed to everyone’s satisfaction.

As you know … I think very highly of Select Foam and like the other members here (and others who aren’t) … Matt the owner has the kind of integrity that is not so common in the industry.

So before putting up these kinds of headings (which if they are deserved I don’t mind at all) and considering this is an order fulfillment issue not a “false advertising issue” (nobody is disputing that you are entitled to the extra package that was advertised) … lets see if your situation can be resolved, what the other side of the story may be and why you didn’t receive what you were entitled to and what needs to be done to make sure you are satisfied.

I’ve let Matt know that he has a legitimately unhappy customer and why and suggested that he reply on the forum and hopefully connect with you to resolve your situation. In my call to him he was just as unhappy as you were that someone hadn’t received what they were entitled to receive and that you hadn’t been able to reach them.

I hope you keep us up to date on what happens.

NOTE ADDED: Select foam used to be a member of this site but because of ongoing customer service issues and delays their membership was terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.


Hi Phoenix,

First off, I want to apologize for such a headline. I just got very frustrated with the whole thing.
I’ve been looking for a mattress for a while, and you and your website steered me towards Select Foam. I’ve read reviews about Select Foam around the internet and on this forum, and decided to give it a try. While on their website, I saw the sales event and decided to pull the trigger right away since it was the last day for the event. Not getting what they’ve promised is one thing, but to completely ignore me is another!
I really want to be another happy customer and an advocate for their product. So hopefully this can be resolved.



Hi gkushnir,

I don’t blame you for being frustrated and I wouldn’t be happy either in the same circumstances. When I talked with Matt though … he was just as unhappy and of course had no idea that he had an unhappy customer. He also confirmed that on occasion their supplier of the extra package neglects to put it in with the package that the mattress is being shipped. This apparently happens about once a month and he course needs to and does resolve this when it happens.

The lack of communication is also an issue of circumstance (and this is not a justification for it) because he is short staffed since one of the people on the phone has recently “left” and he has also been tied up with some family circumstances so he also hasn’t been able to take his “turn” on the phone (he’s the type of owner that takes a turn at everything to keep his finger on the pulse of all parts of his business).

So while this doesn’t solve or even “excuse” the two issues you had (the missing product and the lack of communications) … I can say with confidence that you will be looked after and your situation will be resolved and that he is just as unhappy about it as you are.

NOTE ADDED: Select foam used to be a member of this site but because of ongoing customer service issues and delays their membership was terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.


I was very surprised to read this post, and I cannot apologize enough for our organization dropping the ball on this for you. It’s very rare that customers don’t get the bed bundle, though for a reason we still are trying to ascertain, about once every 4-8 weeks somebody reports not getting a bed bundle and we cannot figure out why the company that sends out our bed bundles (separate from our mattress factory) occasionally drops the ball. It’s very possible that we will be switching suppliers for this item next week.

Anyways, we need to do right by you. In addition to getting your bed bundle out this week, I’m going to upgrade your pillows to our premium memory foam, latex, or feather pillows. Please check your Private messages, and give me a call or email me so i know your full name, and where to send everything.

Again, I apologize for this. Every order is an indication of faith in us as a company, and moreover in us as individuals; when we don’t hold up our end of the deal, it is a betrayal of that faith-- which is unnacceptable. Our job is to fulfill every aspect of your order, whether it’s a $3000 mattress or a complimentary bed bundle. Between being short staffed and attending to a personal matter, we didn’t hold up our end of your order. I’m glad that you have a mattress that you like, though, and soon you will your bed bundles as well.

Thank you for your patience, and above all else, your faith in us.

Well, it’s been almost two months since Matt reached out to me, and I’m yet to see the bed bundle. I’ve emailed Matt twice asking for an update and haven’t received any replies.
Still frustrated about my experience with SelectFoam and don’t think it will ever be resolved.
Phoenix, it seems Matt only responds when you reach out to him, so maybe you can finally bring this to closure.


Hi gkushnir,

Well … I’m certainly not happy to hear this.

I called Matt to tell him about your post and that he hadn’t replied or resolved your situation. He was in the middle of putting together some mattresses and said he would call me back within a couple of hours or so and would also reply to you as well.

Hopefully this will bring this to closure and Matt will also “fix” whatever it is that is behind the lack of customer service when it comes to resolving issues like this.


i’m surprised you havent received anything yet: We’ve sent out two different bed bundles & an extra set of pillows. (By the way i’ve emailed you with the personal details). If you could check your email and confirm your address I’d appreciate it.

I left my personal line for you to contact me if you need. BTW, I do apologize for not getting back to you over the weekend. I’ve been away investigating new foam technologies and just got into my computer.

Look forward to your response.

All the Best!


At this point, I’m going to give up on trying to get this resolved.
Matt, you sound very helpful in your responses, but nothing ever happens. You claim that you sent out 2 bed bundles already, yet I haven’t seen any tracking info for any of the shipments. As, I wrote in my personal email to you, I receive shipments every week, and nothing ever got lost.
I’m extremely disappointed in Select Foam!!! I’m definitely not going to be a return customer, and not only will I not recommend your products to anybody in the market to buy a mattress, but will also make sure people do not consider your products in their search!
Phoenix, thank you for all your help and knowledge, but please make sure you choose vendors who not only have good products but also good customer satisfaction record!

Thank you,


Best suggestion I can make is to PM Matt with your phone number and contact info to put the ball in his court.

Thanks TD-Max, Matt and I have been emailing each other with no resolution.
I email Matt - he doesn’t respond - I post on this forum - Phoenix reaches out to Matt - Matt responds to me
And I still do not receive anything. Since this has been going on for close to half a year, I have given up all hope that Select Foam will do right by me…

I just sent you a direct PM. I have spoken to pheonix a number of times, and have never gotten any of our emails. Could you PLEASE reach out to me directly through the forum OR through a phone call. Trust me, I have no reason to deliberately avoid sending you a promotional product (it’s a horrible business move as well as just not who we are).

my direct line is 786_301-2914

I have also looked into purchasing a Selectfoam mattress and am very interested in their product. While we’re still deciding, one cause for concern is the fact that the website for selectfoam lists the current sale and that you receive a free foundation but when attempting to order online the foundation is not free. I emailed last week and was told that most people order over the phone but that they were going to update the website the next day. That did not yet occur. I was contacted on Thursday so Friday should have been the update day and perhaps it slipped through the cracks and they don’t have anyone available to do so over the weekend. I emailed again yesterday and am awaiting a response but the site still is not updated. While I understand that I can order over the phone, it concerns me that there is this inconsistency. I want to feel confident that the company has the organization and customer service necessary. I also don’t like the idea that one must understand the “system” and know whether your best deal will be to order over the phone, internet, etc… I’m assuming this is an oversight and not intentional and yet they allow you to order online so I believe they need to give it the attention it deserves so all things are equal. Also, they have selectfoam.com and memoryfoam.com and currently you appear to receive $100 off when ordering through memoryfoam.com but not when ordering through selectfoam.com.

Please reach out to our customer service line for the most up to date information and sales. Sometimes they can offer you deals that are not listed online.


Matt, thanks for reaching out on this forum. I understand I can call…and did attempt to and was asked to leave a message. It just seems to me that consistency between website(s) and phone orders should be there. Are both selectfoam.com and memoryfoam.com your websites? If so, back to the initial point of this post, memoryfoam.com still states “It is the customer’s responsibility to cover all return packaging and shipping expenses of the unwanted Memoryfoam.com product” from here: http://www.memoryfoam.com/mattress/free-trial/ Again the lack of consistency concerns me as a consumer in that it makes me wonder if there is enough oversight, organization, and/or customer service to handle any problems that may arise. I truly believe you have a high quality product but because I haven’t been able to touch or try it yet, I need to be comfortable with the fact that any potential problems that could arise will be handled efficiently and effectively.

I look forward to connecting with someone or working with your updated website to determine pricing.

As an update, I did receive a quick return call and email from Select Foam’s ordering department and was told the issue is being worked on and a more streamlined approach is planned. I’ll check back in and update on my decision to order and how the product turns out if I do so.

Hi Gdhl8,

I switched your posts to a new thread so that it doesn’t get intermixed with another forum members thread and circumstances.

They have a series of “rotating specials” and when they change from one to the other the change isn’t “instant” and can take a few days for all the websites to reflect it. The Select Foam website is their “official” one that will reflect their current specials and policies but they are all roughly “equivalent” value. If you order from the other site you can receive the special offered there if you choose. It’s not so unusual for a company to have different “channels” with differences in what each one offers as a form of marketing or tracking the effect of different specials or benefits although I agree that it can also lead to some confusion.

They are apparently changing their process so that each customer will be able to choose the “special” that they wish but changes like this can take some time to to finalize all the details and show up on their website.

I’m not so sure I would call this an “issue” as much as a business decision and ongoing operational changes over time that are common to any company but I’m looking forward to your feedback if you do decide to go in this direction … or for that matter about any direction you choose to go :slight_smile:


I certainly understand they may wish to run different specials and look at various advertising and promotions. What bothered me was that each website advertised the same sale and yet provided different pricing, or lack of ability to get the sale price.

We ordered the Selectfoam Cirrus Supreme last Thursday and look forward to receiving the shipping information and the mattress soon. I plan to continue to update the process and the product.

Hi gdhl8,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback and experience once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.