Unusual new technology

Hi Phoenix,
Thanks for your help with locating stores etc.

One more question about a mattress that Pete at “the mattress expert” site suggested. It is called the Reverie system and uses latex tubes which can be moved around for firmness in different areas of the body. They make it to your specifications and then you can adjust as needed.He says it is the newest innovation in mattress technology in years.
However, it sounds a little complex and odd to me. Do you have an opinion on this?


Hi Capozzolo,

You can find some comments about the Reverie system and others that use a similar concept in post #64 here.

I like the concept and system and specific zoning that can be adjusted under different parts of the body certainly has benefits in “fitting” a mattress to a specific person when they are more difficult to fit. It’s like the difference between buying clothes or shoes off the rack and having them made to your specific measurements. You can see another example of a latex mattress that can be custom zoned made by Flobeds here. For most people off the rack perhaps with some adjustments works perfectly well but for some that are more difficult to “fit” or where custom fitted is a strong preference only a custom design is “good enough”.

Of course they also tend to carry a more premium price and in some cases they can lead to a level of “tinkering” or changing that can become more complex and in some cases frustrating because the cause of “symptoms” on a mattress and which zones or layers to adjust is not always obvious and sometimes counterintuitive. Overall though I like the concept and in the case of Reverie I like that the cylinders are made of latex which is a very durable and resilient material. The challenge is deciding whether any improvement in PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) can actually be felt or felt to the degree that makes it worth the more premium price compared to non zoned choices that use similar materials but of course this is part of each person’s testing and personal value equation.

NOTE ADDED: They have since provided the complete specs of all of their mattresses (see post #6 here) and they have also become a member of the site as well.