Very Disappointed in Dallas-FT worth

I went to 2 places that are recommened by this site and I am very disappointed.

  1. mattress factory in FT worth -

I called and the owner was more interested in why I was driving 20 miles to his place then in answering my a few questions.
Anyway I went. There was a woman working in office as I entered and she told me to wait so she could call the owner. The owner was nearby and he came. They have only dunlop mattress. 1 medium and 1 firm. The owner told me he likes firm dunlop. Okay, but I di did not come to see mattress for him. I tried both. They are too firm - both. I ask him if he has soft dunlop. He said no. . then he tells me he does not recommend memory foam as I asked him about his memory foam mattress nearby. So that is end of discussion for memory foam.
I try to see what he could do for dunlop mattress to make it soft. he brings a fluffy mattress pad and says use this. It does not look good. Then he brings a 2 inch gel memory pad and says he can put this over dunlop mattress I lay down. I am totally misaligned. I am hurting as this is not soft either. My irritation and discomfort shows clearly on my face. I am incredulous as owner tells me it is perfect for me!!!
I leave with total disappointment. The owner either had has no concept of ppp as Phoenix says a suitable mattress should have or he just didn’t give a damn or both. I try to ask him simple questions about latex. He tells me I ask lots of questions!!!
I do not recommend this place

  1. Sleep craft factory - I go there. The owner is sitting on a chair. he does not get up to greet. bad sign. He only has talalay latex mattress. Only 1 is 100 percent talalay. I try it. I am bouncing and slipping off the mattress. The owner is just sitting and staring somewhere. I ask him questions and he tells me to try a pillowtop mattresss. He says he sleeps on one and it is similar to a expensive brand. It is actually just a 2 inch or so of talalay on top of a spring mattress. It does not work for me. All this time the owner sits on the chair giving the impression as if he just does not care… I am very disappointed. Based on personal experience I do not recommend this place either.

Hi richardb,

I think based on my communications with you privately and on the forum that you may have a somewhat “demanding” or “critical” style of communication along with some very strict and detailed criteria and many people may quickly get the sense that you are asking something of them that they won’t be able to satisfy. This in turn may come across to you as them being “disinterested” when in fact they may believe that they can’t help you find what you are looking for or satisfy your criteria.

Your idea of being misaligned for example may not be the same as someone else’s and he may have genuinely believed that it was indeed “perfect” for you from what he could see even though you didn’t agree. Most of these manufacturers have a great deal of experience and will give you their honest opinion both about materials and other things they believe are important in a mattress purchase. Most consumers have little idea about things like alignment or PPP and are used to choosing a mattress based on more subjective ideas of “comfort or feel” alone and it can be difficult to tell them that what they believe may not be in their own best interests. Sometimes this kind of direct approach can even offend some people. There are also many smaller manufacturers who share these beliefs about memory foam mattresses and many don’t even offer it at all because of the “risks” connected with memory foam. Most of the smaller manufacturers are not “marketing” experts and will give you their opinions “straight up” … for better or worse.

So I certainly understand your disappointment and I mean my comments in the most helpful way because I too have difficulty “satisfying” your criteria or the more “demanding” or critical style of communication that you have used in our “off forum” communications.


I have to respectfully disagree with you totally. I don’t have a demanding style of communication at all. I asked simple straightforward questions asking for facts and I get indirect, roundabout. and vague replies in return. My questions to mattress factory were simple - asking for ILDS and densities of latex.
And btw you are totally incorrect in saying “Your idea of being misaligned for example may not be the same as someone else’s and he may have genuinely believed that it was indeed “perfect” for you from what he could see even though you didn’t agree.”
My hips sank through the 2 inches of gel foam and it was like a sinkhole and my body was totally misaligned. Any person could see that . I have been through numerous mattresses and I know what is misaligned. I can’t tell about others but I know what PPP is . Well I have to thank you for elaborating about PPP.

Hi richardb,

With latex … density is a “comfort spec” and is not relevant to the quality of the material. It is very closely related to ILD and is not really important when you are personally testing the material in a showroom and is not something that a manufacturer would have any need to disclose (or even know). With an online order this would be more important because you would be making choices based on “theory” instead of using your body to tell you what is suitable. The information that is necessary to know for latex is its type and the blend. With polyfoam and memory foam … density is directly related to quality and durability.

I absolutely agree that the final decision about which mattress has the best PPP is up to each person to decide for themselves but people with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the industry may have a different opinion about whether a mattress provides the alignment you need and this may not always agree with the person themselves. The goal of a 2" topper is to “allow” you to sink “through” it to various degrees … not to provide the support you need which “stops” your heavier parts from sinking in too far which comes from the layers below it.

Different people may offer suggestions that you don’t agree with and they may be more or less accurate than the person themselves … but that is up to each person to decide.

My comments were meant to help you so that you could more effectively enlist the assistance and goodwill of people that could help you and also understand the limits of any person’s ability to help when you are looking for something that is so specific that it may not be possible … at least in practical terms.