VERY low profile bedframe/foundation for toddler?

hi there. we want to put our toddler into a queen bed we purchased. right now it’s sitting on a pretty high platform frame. i would like to move it closer to the ground to prevent any serious injury if/when he rolls off the bed.

are there any such products that will raise the mattress just enough for sufficient airflow/to prevent mold and mildew?

thank you!


There are quite a few low profile platform bed options available online in the 6" range. I found over a dozen after just a few minutes of searching online. If you want something almost directly on the floor, you could look at 2" or so of a coconut coir bed rug. You may also wish to look at some sort of a rail guard system if you’re concerned about him rolling out of bed.

thanks. is the coconut coir bed rug safe? any brand recommendations?


I don’t have any brand recommendations Just do a simple online search for “coir coconut bed rug” and some options will pop up. Regarding if it’s “safe”, the bed rugs are quite simple in construction - coconut husk fiber held together with a small amount of latex - materials that generally wouldn’t be of concern for most people.