A company on eBay is selling this product and there doesn’t seem to be any threads on it at this time.

Looks interesting and could it be the same foam that Plasma beds puts in there mattresses?

Does anyone know of this product?

Thank you

Hi jege41,

I have no personal experience with this product but it is similar in concept to the Talalay GL slow response latex made by Latex International. There are several companies that make latex that are producing slow response versions to help compete with memory foam mattresses. In spite of some of the misinformation on their site … I have at least confirmed that LatexUSA is selling products made and shipped by Latexco.

I personally have some doubts (along with many others I have talked with) about the value of a “slow response” latex as opposed to fast response latex that is layered in combination with memory foam to achieve a hybrid feel and I haven’t had the chance to find out for certain what additives they are using to turn latex into a slow response foam but the nature of the market is that manufacturers will do whatever they can to compete with and take market share away from manufacturers of different types of foam.

Latex International, Radium, Latexco, and GommaGomma are all latex foam manufacturers that are producing versions of slow response latex (see post #5 here) but none of them have made significant inroads into the memory foam market yet.

Based on Plasma beds description (which is mostly a bunch of meaningless words that they charge a lot for) which talks about Plasma GL … my guess is that they’re using Talalay GL slow response but of course this is just connecting a few “GL” dots and not based on any specific information.

If you decide to order the slow response layer … I’d love to hear your feedback although with only an inch it will only be a slight modification to whatever it is added to.