Vzone mattress from flobeds vs Mattress from Flexus

Hi, longtime listener, first time caller. Looking for 2 twin xl mattress for my wife and I. I prefer medium, my wife prefers firm to xtra firm. I have narrowed it down to either a 13" natural latex mattress from flexus or the vzone mattress from flobeds. Both are trusted members from this site. Difference is the vzone bed has the layer below the comfort layer with different firmnesses in different locations i.e firm on hips, soft on shoulders, etc. The price difference between the 2 right now is $3148.50 for the vzones and 1882.80 for the natural latex mattresses from flexus. I am a side, and sometimes back, sometimes stomach sleeper. My wife is a side sleeper. Anyone gotten a vzone who can comment on it vs a standard latex mattress? Is it worth the extra $1260 for the vzone? Thank you in advance for any advice that you can give me. And no, I can’t go test either one or any latex mattress for that matter. There is no where in my state (Wyoming) that sells latex mattresses as far as I can tell and we aren’t going to be able to drive 300+ miles to test mattresses in Denver with our kids.

Both are excellent options but if either you or wife have body types that are difficult to find mattresses for (curvy, high BMI, etc) then will likely benefit from the V-zone’s ability to tailor the layers/zones to suit your specific needs/preferences. In can be a challenge in some cases to get both pressure relief and alignment correct but the V-zone allows more adjustability in order to get this just right for you. Let us know how you make out.