Walmart and Sam's Club memory foam

Looking for a new king mattress…side sleeper with Fibromyalgia and middle aged… height 5’2" and 180 lbs.

Walmart has a Contura 12" Pillowtop Memory Foam Mattress … I was wondering if you had any specs on this mattress? Ratings are good, and the price I can afford.

Sam’s Club also has some good prices. If you can help me with the specs of the models below, it would really help.
The Night Therapy beds come with a frame!

12" Night Therapy
Pressure Relief Memory
Foam Mattress &
Bed Frame Set -
Item #: 186034

13" Night Therapy
Pillow Top Pressure
Relief Memory Foam
Mattress & Bed
Frame Set - King
Item #: 185779

Night Therapy 14"
Deluxe Grand Memory
Foam Mattress &
Bed Frame Set -
Item #: 747997

No frame…price for mattress only:
Classic Dream 13" Premium Latex Standard Top Mattress - King
Item #: 315376

I wish I could afford a natural latex, but it seems I prefer a less stiff bed anyway. However, I hate sinking in and not being able to move outta a hole… best combo I have found is layers with memory on top.

I am a teacher and school starts Monday, so trying to get this mattress ordering wrapped up for the summer!

BTW - Wonderful site!

Hi txtones,

I don’t know the specs of the Contura unfortunately but even more important I would avoid most mattresses where the specs aren’t easily available to anyone without needing to do hours of research on the most basic information you need to make meaningful comparisons and assessments.

Night Therapy is a Zinus brand which means that they generally use low to mid quality 3 and 4 lb memory foams. While they are CertiPur certified … the only way to tell the relative quality of a memory foam mattress is to know the polymer density of the foams that they use (the memory foam and the base foam).

I don’t believe that these are particularly good value although I do understand the temptation to go “cheap” with memory foam. This approach … especially with an “unknown purchase” made from a box store like Walmart is a very risky proposition. While Walmart does have a great return policy … cheap memory foam will hold up long enough in many cases to be past the return period and then you can be stuck with a mattress that needs to be replaced much too soon … which is generally an “expensive” way to go. The other danger of a purchase from a place that knows nothing about mattresses is that it’s very difficult to “match” a mattress to your unique needs and preferences (esecially important with other more challenging issues such as fibromyalgia) and it can lead to a series of purchases and returns until you get lucky and find the one that at least in the short term seems to work … for a while. It’s like rolling the dice until you hit your lucky number and even then you won’t know how long the benefits of your lucky roll will last.

If I wanted to “roll the dice” and make a mattress purchase from Walmart … then post #6 here may help. It certainly wouldn’t be my first choice though.

More important than this though would be to “connect” with someone that can help and guide you towards making good choices, makes or sells good quality and value mattresses, and has the knowledge and experience to give you accurate and meaningful information. Without finding an “expert” you would need to become one yourself to make better quality/value choices and this can be a long and frustrating process.

The most effective approach is generally to first research the better outlets in your area (or online in those areas where little in the way of quality and value is available) … then with their help and guidance to begin the process of choosing your “best” mattress … which is the one that most closely meets your needs and preferences within your budget range.