Was the 2020 Black Friday to Cyber Week Mattress Sales Really a Deal or Not?

Hi Everyone in the MU community.

I just wanted to introduce myself as I’m new to the forum but not to The Mattress Underground “MU”.

Hi I’m Brian and I just started working with a family US made mattress company that has a super long-lasting relationship with the staff at MU.

I’m curious what everyone thought of all these Black Friday to Cyber Week mattress sales?

We studied the trends and found that

  • Some companies recycle the same promotion over an over.
  • Some will raise the price up just to mark it down.
  • Some say its there “Best Deal Ever” when reality its not

What changed this year was that the promotions were going on super early. It was more like Black Friday Month vs Day. However, a good number of buyers waited till the last minute to make a decision.

Hopefully they took there time to do the research here at MU to not get suckered into a “perceived deal” but to ensure they found the right mattress and sleep products.

MU has great exclusive deals from great mattress partners that can help give you some re-assurance that there really is no need to shop around for a questionable “deal”.

[i]Did anyone end up buying a recent deal or tempted?

Thanks for your feedback! I’m excited to be apart of this amazing community of sleep journey experiences!


P.S. that’s me in the attached short clip