We got our SleepEZ 10000

Last night our SleepEZ came in 3 huge boxes! We knew it was coming (took less than a week processing and shipping) so we took apart our king bed frame and set up our new queen frame. For one night we slept on our camping air mattress on top of our queen frame. Not ideal, oh well. It made our first night on our SleepEZ so much sweeter :wink:

Set up was easy, and yes, I do have to say that like another forum I read, I found it funny that the cover was put in the same box as our top layers of latex. Oh well, not an issue. We followed the instructions and had it assembled within 15-20 min. The cover seemed like it was going to be too small, and we spent some time pulling it and stretching it out to get all the layers to fit. It is not perfectly symmetrical (sags a tiny bit on my side and is tight, tight on hubby’s side), so we will realign it after the cover has a chance to stretch out over the next few days.

I am overall impressed with our transaction with SleepEZ. Very knowledgeable and helpful, fast shipping, free delivery and no sales tax, yay. And free pillows. We opted for the shredded latex, which is 100% natural Talalay. They loft pretty high, so I plan on taking some of it out until I have it lower to where I like it. However, I must say that after looking at the OMI beds, SleepEZ is definitely more of an economical choice budget wise and quality wise. The cover seems nice enough, but is not the cream of the crop (the OMI cover is super nice and plushy, very durably constructed, and has a thick durable brass zipper with a huge pull tab). That and the fact that each layer of latex does not have an individually sewn cover on it (like OMI, which I don’t feel is necessary at all, except it helps the latex from tearing when you move it around) is the only difference that I can tell between OMI and SleepEZ. Each company gets their latex from the same place. And because we weren’t going to go with a sculpted/convoluted top from the beginning, it didn’t matter to us that SleepEZ did not offer this. We could always get one from somewhere else if we really want one, but we don’t see the need for it.

So, as for the first night, I slept really well! It seems very comfortable, and although I’m not sure the layers are exactly what we want, we’re not going to make that decision until sleeping on it for at least a week or two. There was one configuration of layering that Shaun changed for my side’s middle layer only, from soft Dunlop to medium Talalay. It felt slightly firm but still really, really comfortable. Keeping in mind that latex softens over time, and that we have 90 days to get the comfort level right, I’m not worried about it. I may try it with hubby’s top soft Talalay in my middle layer since he’ll be gone next weekend, but right now I’m just so happy that I had a great night’s sleep last night!

I am very happy with our choice to get a SleepEZ, and considering we saved so much $ over going with buying an OMI locally, or even a Flobed, and we still have a bed made from the same latex that these other companies use (Latex International and Latex Green). And, there was no terrible smell from off-gassing like from a conventional mattress! Win-win in my book :cheer:

My 10,000 came yesterday, but there were only 2 boxes! One for the frame, one for the latex. What was in your 3rd box?

Each box had 2 layers of latex (6 total, 3 for each side of the bed) plus the cover and 2 pillows. We got a queen size, maybe that’s why?

Yes, mine is only a twin XL. Thanks!

Hi adriennej72t,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review and feedback!

It’s always exciting when you finally receive the mattress and have the chance to both sleep on it and play with it a little. :slight_smile:

Just as a “caution” latex is very stretchy and “sticky” so it’s easy for it to bunch up in one area. The “trick” is to “wave it” into place rather than stretching or pulling it (it can rip) so that it lays evenly and isn’t stretched in one area and scrunched in another.

Thanks again for the great feedback and I’m looking forward to any ongoing “reports” you have the chance to write.