Weight comparison -

Good morning Phoenix - Thanks again for being here! I currently own two organic Latex mattresses, each with a few extra personal comfort layers. I’m once again in the market for a mattress (we’ll get to the details as needed)

I am curious about the weight of an innerspring that is sandwiched between layers of Talalay vs a solid slab of Dunlop. Love my latex, but it’s so heavy and when added to the ‘wiggliness’ of it, makes turning it a chore. Before I even go there - which is lighter? At the moment I am looking at Seattle Mattress Magnolia model, but before I take that drive - this info has eluded me.


Hi SallyS,

It will depend on the specifics of the innerspring and the amount of steel it uses (which will depend on the type, the thickness, the coil gauge, the number of turns in each spring, and the number of springs in the unit) but an innerspring will be considerably lighter than a Dunlop latex core in the same thickness.


Thank you, I found the Briarcliff and Magnolia at Seattle Mattress - so I can go test / compare - although I figure it won’t be a lot lighter due to the Talalay layer, it will be simpler in the long run as it is only one side. The descriptions are reasonable items on my scope at this time.