Wellsville Mattress Quality

Hi there! I recently decided to go back to memory foam or a MF hybrid after 5 years on a Beautyrest that we hate. We had a Tempurpedic before, and that’s what I planned on looking at, but was steered toward a Wellsville mattress.

I have to say, I was impressed by laying on it. 1/3 the price, feels just as good (if not better). Has a 10 year warranty, the same as Tempurpedic, and the only downfalls I see thus far are a lack of many online reviews and the fact that it’s an import from China.

I’d like it to last 5 years without me hating it for 4.5 (looking at you, Beautyrest), and I have to say that the price is seductive. But I worry about its longevity and quality.

Does anyone have any comments/ experience/ reviews/ advice?

Thanks in advance!

Hey grammarninja,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

I haven’t personally tried a Wellsville mattress, so I took your question as an opportunity to do a little research on the brand. As mentioned by their company web site, their mattresses are available through retailers and online resellers, offering limited information on product specs or Wellsville the company. And while I discourage the use of review sites as a trusted source of information, to your point, there isn’t a lot of conversation out there on this brand.

Without much more to go on, I defer an opinion in regards to its longevity/ quality to others here who may have experience with Wellsville products. What I do have concerns about, though is their lack of a stated “sleep trial” period and comfort exchange policy, both of which are becoming industry standard in this age of Bed-in-a-Box direct-to-consumer purchasing. Both Amazon.com and Overstock.com state that “only unopened packages” may be returned within a 30 day period. The few retailers with Wellsville featured on their site only mention the 10 year manufacturer warranty offering protection against defects in the mattress and cover. My best advice would be that if this is the best mattress for you overall, consider dealing directly with a retailer (likely where you tried it before) and have a thorough understanding of what your options are should you not be happy after a normal sleep trial/ sleep adjustment period. You may find Phoenix’s articles “Finding a Great Mattress Outlet” and “Five Steps to your Perfect Mattress” helpful before heading back with more questions. Good luck and let us know how things go…:wink: