What can be done with mini/micro coils? DIY

I see Texas Pocket Springs - QuadMini Coils can be used on top of another set of springs. Can it be used as the only springs?
I currently have 3 layers of 3" SOL latex *(2 firm & 1 med). The med is useless & I am wondering if I can just put 6" of latex on top of the quad mini coils instead of on top of an 8" set of springs?
What I am getting at here with my question is: if mini coils can be used as a substitute for latex, can they also be used as the only springs so it is low profile?
Also I do not want motion transfer.


Good questions. I don’t suggest using the QuadMinis as a support layer. They were designed as a comfort layer. If working underneath several layers of foam or latex, I think they would bottom out. Remember these are made with 18g wire. We’re not fans of all the “mini or “micro” coils that mattress companies put between layers. They don’t really do anything, but increase the coil count. they certainly don’t act as a pocket coil is designed to perform.
We produce 4” and 5" coils with 15.5gauge wire that are designed to be base coils. These are often used in mattresses for pull out couches or truck mattresses. They are still proper coils with 6 turns and the pushback/resilience you expect from a base layer.

Thank you. Great info. Much appreciated! Maybe I should skip microcoils all together & just use a low profile coil?
I’m trying to figure a way to get both AIR movement & latex comfort layer without a high profile set of springs. Also trying to minimize transfer of motion, & have edge support. I know I am probably seeking the impossible.
What is the least tall set of coils you have available for a split king that has edge support?