What do you think about Latex

Been testing out matresses in the feild and came to the conclusion that a latex matress is the way to go.
I am 5’11 200lbs and the girlfriend is 5’5 130lbs

Any reviews on the following type?

From sleep ez

Natural Latex Mattress 13,000 Eastern King

  • Latex Choice Talalay Blended
  • Layer 1 (Top) medium - medium
  • Layer 2 (Center) Medium
  • Layer 3 (Bottom) Soft
  • Layer 4 soft
  • Mattress Foundation Orthopedic
  • Two Latex Pillows Free

Hi Freefalling,

SleepEz is one of the recommended members of the site (listed here along with the bonus/discount they offer to our forum members) which means that I believe they are among the best quality, value, and service in the country. There are dozens of posts about them including reviews and feedback from many forum members who have purchased from them and a forum search on SleepEz (you can just click this) will bring up dozens of them. A “title search” on SleepEz" (you can just click this as well) will bring up all the threads that have SleepEz in the thread title including some reviews and may be a little less reading :slight_smile: