What do you think about this DIY build no spings

I am a stomach sleeper and prefer an all foam built. I currently sleep on an Ikea matrand and I like it but its old and time to replace. I like a firm matress with good support but maybe some softness on top and I sleep without a pillow. I need my mattress to be around 10-11 to match the twin xl that my wife is planning to get.

My BMI is 28.1 with a larger mid section as opposed to evenly dispersed. so I want to make sure I have enough support so my mid section does not sink in too much.

I am thinking about the following but worried that I might sink in too much. This is pretty cheap so I am not worried about increasing cost a bit but I am hoping to get something that works well:

Support layer:

HQ 36 HD 35 ILD 6" + 1"
Transition: Dunlop latex 2" 29 ILD
comfort: 1.5" 4lb memory foam.

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As stomach sleeper with a BMI of 28, most in your BMI class are going to prefer a firm mattress surface. I think you are on the right track with the 6" HQ HD36 35ILD and the transition layer using Dunlop 2" 29ILD. The HQ foam is a 2.8lb foam, which is great for higher BMI’s although the support factor under 2 could be an issue. I would have liked to have seen a support factor above a 2 in this instance. Depending on you actual height and weight, not just the BMI number.

My biggest concern here is the 1.5" of 4lb memory foam with an ILD of 14. This may prove to be a bit too plush and it may allow you to bottom out. With a larger mid section, sleeping on your stomach, this may cause a bit of dip in that mid section, hammocking you a bit and begin to strain your back muscles.

I imagine you are selecting ViscoElastic Memory foam for it’s pressure relieving properties and dont mind that warmer surface. This is a very soft foam and is not going to provide much secondary support. Remember, one bad layer choice can and will become a mattress’s weaking link, and will cause the mattress system to fail.

I am tempted to suggest a Talalay or even Dunlop mid ILD low to mid 20’s, 2" for your upper comfort layer. Perhaps even higher, or up the dunlop to a 32ish and then a talalay in the upper 20’s.

I know it seems like I am pushing you firmer, but stomach sleepers need that firm surface to keep that mid section from sinking. I would also recommend a quilted cover with a 50ILD foam quilted in.

No one can really tell you what you are going to be comfortable with. It is subjective as everyone is different. I am an advocate of going firmer and with the ability of swapping a comfort layer, or adding a topper to fine tune the system.
I imagine you want to keep all your layers ordered from a single supplier, and that may mean another layer of Dunlop, with it’s 29 ILD. 2 - 2 inch layers of dunlop with be softer than one 4" layer, as the support factor of 4" slap of dunlop is going to be higher than your HQ foam.

I would give it some thought, particularly on the memory foam comfort layer. I did not read through their very lengthy return policy, but if they would allow you to order your choice for set up along with an extra 2" dunlop, so you can make your comparison without having to wait for alternate choices and return the one you like least for a refund. That would be ideal.

Good luck with your project!


Wow, thank you for such a detailed answer. I agree Firm is definitely where I want to be. My current matress is firm and I am very happy with it (its just old and gross) I also need something that matches my wife’s new matress in height. the Matrand is only around 7.5 or 8"

I am actually local to the foam factory so returns would be easier (assuming allowed lol).

Do you think it would be better to do a single 3" or 4" layer of the latex? I am not against this at all. I think that 3" would be easier because It would keep me at 9" so I would still have some wiggle room to grow on a comfort layer if needed. My wife’s twin xl will be 10.5" so I am trying to stay close to that.

I was actually thinking about starting with the support and transition layer to see how it felt and then adding one more comfort layer as needed after.

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Three inches should be fine. Just make sure your cover has something like a quilted foam with a higher ILD to “tighten” things up and keep the firmness. A 29 ILD is not exactly super firm, but it may work for you with the support of the HQ HD foam you should be fine. I would have liked to see a higher Dunlop ILD layer if you are using a 3" but you can always add another firm layer to get you to 11 inches.

Another important factor is your total weight. If your BMI is 28, If you are 6’ you would be about 220lbs. At 220 you may need it to be a little firmer.

I am 5’8. I think that I am going to start with the 6" of hd26 and 2" of latex. since I am local to the foam supplier, I can easily run back there for more supplies. From there, I will adjust as needed. Maybe another 2" of 29ild latex and 1" of softer latex. or if it seems decent as is, maybe 1" of a softer latex on top and a 1" of 50ILD foam under the HD36.