What happens to mattress and latex layer comfort exchanges?

If this question has already been answered please post a link. If not, do these mattresses/layers get re-sold or auctioned as new or used; or are they recycled?

This is Sears return policy: http://www.sears.com/ue/home/s_mattress_frp_060113.pdf

Hi BobP,

It would depend on the individual retailer or manufacturer.

Post #2 here and post #11 here includes some comments about returned mattresses and individual layers.

The easiest way to know would be to ask each individual retailer or manufacturer what they do with returns but there is generally no shortage of people who are looking to buy returns.


Thanks for the answer. How do you remember where all those related posts are? Do you have a system other than the Search function?


Hi BobP,

I have a growing list of over 200 “reference posts” that I use with notes about their content but I also have the advantage of being familiar with the terminology I tend to use so when there is a question I know I’ve answered but isn’t in the reference list I have a good sense of the search terms that will bring up the post I’m looking for without being overwhelmed by hundreds of non related posts that I have to look through. Once I get to about 5 pages of “hits” with 20 to a page I can scan through them fairly quickly (often with a browser page search) to find the ones I remember writing.

At some point all the reference posts will be re-written for clarity and to amalgamate topics that have more than one relevant post about them and added to a research center which will become part of the site with its own menu structure. This is one of several additions that will be added to the site over the coming years. That way it can save people from searching the forum for a lot of the information that is “buried” there but all of this of course is dependent on the time I have available with the many competing “hats” I wear.