What is the best material for bed sheets to keep you cool?

There are two reasons for the birth of textiles, one is to protect the cold, one is to shelter the body. The textiles we use are constantly innovating, but the functionality is very much the same. We cover the blanket or quilt cover, are to protect the cold, not to let the body get cold. So in the face of the hot summer, how exactly to choose will let us happily survive?

In terms of fabric
1 Silk products

Suitable for bedclothes, natural silk. Silk is the use of silk by the ordinary weave, or plain or satin. This fabric-like fabric is very smooth, perfect for summer.

This fabric is particularly difficult to take care of because it is a protein fiber.

Cleaning methods are as follows:

1 Warm water, not higher than 30 degrees, generally controlled at 20-25 degrees.

2 Hand washes, gently rubbing. Do not wring, do not dump. Soak 3-5 minutes to dry.

3 Special detergent. Silk is resistant to acid but not alkali, which is similar to chemical fiber, and the opposite of cotton. So be sure to choose a specialist.

4 Ventilate and dry

2 Linen products

Linen advantage is extremely strong moisture absorption and breathable performance, so it is particularly suitable for summer use.

Linen disadvantage is due to the bundle of fibers and brought about by the lint, there is a relatively rough, many used to delicate and silky products instead of adapting to linen products. Linen is like durian, like the trend of overwhelmed, and haters avoid it.

Summer linen can be used linen blanket, linen four-piece set, and so on.

Linen duvet cover care and cotton are not too different, but be careful not to iron. Linen is to natural feeling, no need to iron into wrinkle-free.

3 Cotton products

Cotton solid color duvet covers are suitable for all seasons, you can use 60 count products in the summer, the thickness is moderate, no pressure to use.

Cotton is more moisture-absorbent, breathable, and comfortable. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter have their use. If there is no choice, choose cotton.

4 Satin products

Satin pillowcases are constructed from 100% polyester which gives it its smooth finish and exceptional longevity, even after extensive wash and wears.

Satin pillowcases are one of life’s simple pleasures. They’re silky soft against your skin, reducing facial creases and wrinkles. Wrinkle-free, stain and fade resistant, easy to care for. Satin pillowcases with zipper also keep your hair safe from harm, preventing matting, breakage, tangling, and snagging. You will wake up each morning with healthy skin and beautiful hair. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a satin pillowcase is a luxury to be enjoyed throughout the year.

In terms of product form
1 Various summer cooler

The first factor to consider when choosing a summer cooler is that it is skin-friendly and washable.

The reason why we choose the summer cooler, the purpose is clear: to prevent sweating and cold when sleeping, to prevent the room temperature from getting too low when opening the air conditioning, washable and easy to use.

Our common summer cooler, air conditioning quilt form is very dense quilting or fine quilting, which is not only to look good but also to be able to make the middle of the filling does not fall apart when washing.

Summer cooler quilt, first to meet the washable, and then to become a comfortable quilt. Because of the oil secreted by human skin, the summer cooler must be washable, otherwise, it is a disposable quilt. Summer cooler should not be a disposable item.

2 Various types of blankets

In addition to the summer cooler quilt, blankets are often used in the summer.

We choose a facecloth or coral velvet lambswool blanket in winter, very warm and comfortable. Then off the plane, but also these can be used separately to meet the needs.

Many materials can be used to make blankets, such as polyester, acrylic, linen, etc. In terms of weaving methods, knitting and weaving are suitable.

In summer, you can cover with a blanket to protect yourself from the cold; if you don’t have air conditioning, you can cover yourself with a piece of cloth. When choosing a functional first, first think about the use of the environment, and then go shopping.

Good bedding is not easy to get and use and cherish.

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