What is the best organic, chemical-free mattress available?

I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t find it. Sorry if it’s a repost :slight_smile:

My goal is a bed with no chemical contamination. Issues that I know of are

  • fire retardants
  • unnatural materials like plastic, polyester, or chemical treated stuff
  • pesticide residue in the bedding

So the goal is pretty simple, it has to be made with cotton, wool, or something of that sort, that is certified organic (zero pesticides) - ideally it would be certified and lab tested to not contain chemicals.

As I understand it, there’s a few good mattresses available that are made with organic cotton and/or wool, surrounding organic natural latex. This is good and seems to be what I’m looking for. From what I’ve read, a mattress with no latex in it will be pretty uncomfortable to sleep on, so there needs to be latex or something like that in there. Can’t just be wool all the way through apparently?

So I have three questions:

  1. What about latex allergies? I don’t have these allergies personally, but I know people who do, and for me to recommend this to others I’d want to be clear about the allergy issue. I’ve read that for most people, when the latex is surrounded by bedding, it is rare for there to be any allergies. Has that been your experience?
  2. Is there any natural/organic alternative to latex for the mattress core?
  3. What mattress made like this do you think is the best one? Do you know of any that get their materials lab tested or certified to genuinely be free of pesticides?

My current top contender is a mattress from Holy Lamb Organics. I want to check that they’re legit and that they are the best available (without being insanely expensive of course). If you think there’s a better one around please let me know.

Thank you for your time!

You may want to check out rawganique.com. I’ve bought their towels which lasted a long time. The mattresses are minimal but definitely natural. As for comfort, each sleeper is unique.

Hi GlowInTheSky89.

You might also like the Natural Escape from My Green Mattress as well as Sleeping Organic and Nest Bedding’s certified organic mattress.

Because of the washing process that latex undergoes when it’s being manufactured and the fact that the latex is contained inside the mattress under a cover away from the skin, most people with latex allergies will not be affected by sleeping on a latex mattress (in the same way that people with a latex allergy are infrequently allergic to rubber - which is also made from latex).

Some people choose coils + cotton/wool but it makes for quite a firm mattress. That said, latex free organic mattresses DO exist out there, they’re just less common and generally more expensive.

“Best” is relative, really. If its in your budget and the best fit for your needs, then it’s the best for you :slight_smile: Any mattress with a certain certification is required to undergo testing to verify it’s indeed within the requirements of that certification. I know Nest Bedding proactively tests and rates highly for pure materials.