What is TMU? The "Moneyball" of Mattress Selection

Picking a mattress is one of the most vexing decisions you will ever make. “It felt good in the store, but now at home…my back hurts”…heard that 1000 times.

I love that movie “Moneyball”. It is a movie about baseball…a lot of the old school guys were using subjective terms like “sweet swing”, but then they bring in a stats expert and they start judging players based on “On Base Percentage” or something like that. On Base Percentage is objective. What does TMU try to do? Make mattress buying as objective as it will ever get. Subjectivity in mattress buying is what gets you in trouble. PPP is useful. When I bought my Purple 4 two years ago, I had to send it back after 30 days because of back pain. Why? I had the Pressure relief and the Preference, but I did not have the Posture. The Purple 4 did not support my lower back. I made a subjective judgement and I was wrong. The TMU Mattress tutorial is invaluable. TMU is MoneyBall for mattresses.

Couple of tips:

1-Standardize your testing. Wear the same clothes everytime you test mattress. Don’t interchange between pajamas and a firefighters jacket.
2-Bring your own pillow to keep the pillow the same. Back when I was testing, I tested without a pillow because I did not want to focus on the pillow, but the mattress.
3-Never buy a mattress without a comfort guarantee.
4-Consider an adjustable firmness mattress like Flobeds Vzone or Zenhaven.
5-Give Tempurpedic a shot…not as durable as they used to be, but still phenomenal.


Hi John.

Thank you for sharing your kind words and experience as well as your 5 tips.

We’re so glad you’ve found our resources here to be useful in your mattress buying!