What kind/brand of mattress do I need?

I lost half my body weight. When I was heavier, I was a back sleeper. I turned into a side sleeper more recently and it’s easier to sleep-

I wake up sore if I sleep on my side, and I’m moderately uncomfortable on my back. I can sometimes force myself to sleep on my back and I’m not sore-

I currently have a hybrid bed that I get for about $600 on clearance 15 years ago . It was great

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Hi Bobby and new MUGster.
Welcome to the MattressUnderGround.

Congratulations on your physical achievements.

Change is often positive, though it can be intricate for some. Your previous sleeping modality on your back, may have been preferred in adding comfort because of the additional weight.

When selecting a mattress, it’s crucial to recognize certain characteristics and preferences known as your PPPs (Personal Preferences, Posture & Alignment, and Pressure Relief). Essential information such as your specific body profile, age, weight, previous comfort conditions, and the specific name, brand, and model of the mattress are all necessary to properly assess the right direction for a restful night’s sleep.

Explore our tutorials, which can prove incredibly beneficial in this regard: 5 Steps to a Perfect Mattress.

The fact that your previous mattress is 15 years old and may have reached it’s life expectancy, may be cause of the issues you are facing now. I would take some time and invest in researching some of the above mentioned conditions and revisit your search for a new mattress system.

The alterations in your weight and sleep position undoubtedly influence your upcoming decision, and you may also need to consider adjustments to your pillows.

Feel free to return and reassess your search after conducting some personalized research.

All the best,