What memory foam material is this that doesn't freeze?

This company makes camping mattresses with a memory foam type material and the big selling point is it doesn’t freeze when it gets cold. Unlike traditional memory foam toppers that turn into a rock when the temperatures drop, which makes it pretty unsuitable for use in a camper/tent without heat.

They are a bit pricey and I would like to cut my own to size anyway so I am wondering what type of foam this is.

I have had good luck with latex not freezing but it is very heavy and also expensive for this use.

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Although they really dont tell you what foam is in this camping mattress pad other than to say memory foam.

Basically, tempurpedic type foam, viscoelastic memory foam will freeze and get solid as a rock. If you did not know what viscoelatic memory foam, it is polyurethane foam with certain additives added to the foam using blowing agents to add them to the polyurethane to create that heat sensitive VE memory foam.

Polyurethane or polyfoam with some of the certain additional additives is still considered memory foam although it doesn’t yield the same response as slow responding temperature sensitive ve foam.

Authentic VE memory foam mattress (Tempur) will freeze solid as a rock. Even at 60 degrees F, it will get pretty stiff, but soften with body temperature.

This is a characteristic of “memory” foam as we have come to see advertised. That slow response, put your hand and make an imprint VE foam.

A traditional polyurethane foam will not freeze or get stiff in cold weather. The Hest memory foam has a lot of small air cells in their memory foam which makes it not as dense and it traps the air in those cells. It also makes it harder for the air to escape. The foam acts and performs a bit like viscoelastic foam without the same additives of VE foam. So it doesn’t freeze.

Thank you. I know the hest also uses two layers with one more dense on the bottom, but it has been a long time since I laid on one at a store.

Any idea where one can buy this type of foam for a DIY mattress?

The more i look at their material, the more i feel like its slick word useage.Hest Word Salad

They say its their “enhanced” memory foam. First they talk about VE Memory foam. So you are thinking traditional memory foam. Then they say our “enhanced” but it is not clear exactly what that is.

It’s like saying 100% pure, authentic, enhanced, amazing, fast responding latex foam.

Nowhere did i just use the words 100% natural or organic. So for all anyone knows from reading what I just wrote, I could be referring to 100% synthetic latex. You wouldn’t know unless I explicitly provide the composition and source of the materials.

I could suggest the same with hest in this scenario.
I’m just not sure of the formulation. That does not make it good or bad. I am not passing judgment there.


A bit of an update. I watched this video Hest Video Sleep System. When you watch the video, the voice over specifically says unroll and watch the high quality polyurethane expand. It doesn’t say viscoelastic polyurethane. Not sure if this is deliberate or implied. If they are a transparent company, you should be able to call them or email them and ask the density and ILD of their foam and if it is traditional or actual VE foam.