what to do?

First off - I have had back problems for a year now - supposedly due to something called upper/lower cross syndrome. I have pain in my upper back as well as hips and lower back.

I was sleeping on a pillow top mattress that had developed a large crater in the middle so I decided to try a new mattress in hopes that it might help with my back. So nearly two months ago I took delivery of a PLB Beautiful which I paid a small fortune for. It seemed really high quality and comfortable in the store.

After the first night of sleeping on it my lower back was in agony. After a couple more nights of sleeping the agony went away but it still felt kind of too hard and uncomfortable and I would wake up with back pain (which in and of itself is not unusual because I’ve been waking up with back pain for a while). Now, it’s been almost two months and the store has a 60 day policy so I have to make a decision.

I’m feeling like it’s just not as comfortable as it should be for the amount I paid for it and I wake up stiff and sore every day. The problem is… is that due to my existing back issues or did I get the wrong mattress? I see tons of good reviews out there on these mattresses and it does seem very high quality. I’d hate to go through the huge pain of trying to return it or exchange it only to find out it’s not the mattress but rather just my back issues in general.

I’m not sure what to do and I’m running out of time…

EDIT: I should clarify the issues:

  1. It feels hard - especially on my upper back area like between the shoulder blades. IF i sleep for a while on my back (i’m typically a back or side sleeper) when I get up I’ll have some bad pain right in the middle of my back - it gets worse if I like arch my back - this goes away not long after getting up.
  2. Hip pain, which is supposedly due to sciatica although I have some doubts about that, has been getting worse. Especially when I wake up I have a lot of hip pain until I walk around a bit.
  3. stiff neck - this is less apparent but sometimes I wake up with a stiff sore neck.

The thing is, I definitely had hip pain prior to this mattress, but it seems like it has been getting worse - whether due to the mattress or not I can’t say. The mid back issue may have also started prior to this mattress but I’m not sure. IF so it has definitely got worse.

Hi kregan1013,

[quote]I’m feeling like it’s just not as comfortable as it should be for the amount I paid for it and I wake up stiff and sore every day. The problem is… is that due to my existing back issues or did I get the wrong mattress? I see tons of good reviews out there on these mattresses and it does seem very high quality. I’d hate to go through the huge pain of trying to return it or exchange it only to find out it’s not the mattress but rather just my back issues in general.

I’m not sure what to do and I’m running out of time…[/quote]

No matter what the quality or value of a mattress … if it not suitable for your needs and preferences then it is of little value to you. I also can’t answer what the cause of your issues are but I can make a few comments about the mattress itself.

The PLB Beautiful is among the softest mattress in their lineup (without a topper) and it would likely be most suitable for side sleepers who needed lots of pressure relief and didn’t tend to sink in too far with their heavier areas.

  1. It feels hard - especially on my upper back area like between the shoulder blades. IF i sleep for a while on my back (i’m typically a back or side sleeper) when I get up I’ll have some bad pain right in the middle of my back - it gets worse if I like arch my back - this goes away not long after getting up.

It sounds to me like you are sinking in unevenly which may mean the mattress is too soft for you. I suspect that it’s not a matter of being too hard but that you are stretching muscles as you sink in that don’t want to stretch and the pain you are feeling is being translated as “hard” when in fact it’s may be because it’s actually be too soft. There was another post today with similar circumstances strangely enough. This would not be the best choice for many people for back sleeping because of the thickness and softness of the comfort layers and it sounds like this is the position you are having the issues.

This could mean that the softness is causing you to sleep in somewhat of a “hunch” position which could be the cause of the upper back pain between the shoulder blades. Poor muscle tone and lack of movement during sleep can also lead to sore muscles. Muscles that are strained in one position and aren’t relieved y a change of position frequently enough can get sore. This could also be connected to your "upper/lower cross syndrome although I don’t know what that is. if you suspect that it may be connected then I would also ask your health care provider if there could be a connection with your sleeping symptoms. I really have no “for certain” way to know if this is the mattress or the syndrome or other causes.

This could also be a symptom of a mattress that is too thick/soft in the comfort layers. If your hips are sinking in too far on your side then they will be out of their “centered” position which can put strain on the adjoining tissues and on the hip joint itself. this could express as pain anywhere in the general area. If a mattress is too firm then there could be hip pressure because of the compression of tissues over the hip area and restriction of blood flow but if it is too soft … then the hip could be flexing too much and straining the surrounding muscles and tissues. Once again … I sispect the softness is the issue.

This is most likely to be a pillow issue but this could be because the softness of the mattress means you are sinking in further which may need a different pillow.

While I have no way to know for sure and I don’t know your height and weight or your general body shape or condition, age etc … and I’m also not a doctor that can “diagnose” different pains when there may be medical issues involved that are not connected to the mattress … to the degree that your mattress may be involved … it seems to me that the signs point to the mattress being too soft/thick in the comfort layers.


Hi Phoenix, thanks for the response. I contacted the store that I bought the bed from (worley beds new bedford, ma) and they emailed me their 60-day comfort policy. It says:

“The program requires you to purchase and use a Protector Series mattress cover to protect your new product…”

They didn’t tell me this at the time I purchased the mattress and I bought my own mattress protector on amazon - which went on the mattress as soon as they delivered it. So I may be screwed as far as exchanging it. Also, and this was expected: “All comfort exchanges must be for mattresses or sets of equal or greater value.” At close to $4k, I think I probably picked one of the most expensive mattresses so I’m screwed there as well.

In the email, he said:

"You mentioned that you had purchased a Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful. This product is 100% premium talalay latex and the interior build up of the latex is firm on the bottom and soft on the top.

If you were looking for a firmer sleeping surface, with some assistance from a friend some and guidance from us, you could reverse the core and change the comfort level."

Are you familiar with that?

The thought of a firmer surface seems like a bad idea to me - but that’s just going off of the sensations I’m feeling laying in the bed. E.g., I go to bed and read for a while before I go to sleep - I do this on my back and while doing so I feel pressure on the upper part of my back between my shoulder blades as well as on my lower back (especially the left side) - now, these are two areas that I have been having trouble with for a while - so it could be simply that these areas are swollen and senstivie and not so much a problem with the mattress. However, the pain, especially in the upper back, that feels very much on the surface and to do with the muscles - that I described in my previous email - usually gets immediately worse when I get in bed and is pretty bad in the morning and goes away after a little while. While I’m reading I find I have to shift around quite a bit to keep my back from getting too uncomfortable… then when I go to sleep I often switch to my side, which is more comfortable but I think it is causing issues with my shoulders - which is probably also exacerbated by the postural issues I have (upper cross syndrome is apparently caused from people being too sedentary or using the computer too much - which is my job - and results in putting a lot of stress on certain muscles including the upper back/traps and shoulders).

However, your explanation sounds reasonable it just sort of disagrees with the sensation I’m having. So perhaps trying what he suggested isn’t a bad idea.

Regarding the other details you mentioned, I am 34 about 6 feet and 190 lbs. I have been spending a lot of time at the gym since exercising is one thing that really helps with the lower back/hip issues.

Thanks again for your input.

UPDATE: I spoke with Mr. Worley and he clarified the flipping for me - basically recommending that I try the other side which is firmer… I may give that a shot. I have nothing bad to say about this store - they have been very helpful thus far.

Also, I posted a review on goodbeds.com and got an immediate response from Pure Latex Bliss offering to help me find the right mattress - that’s pretty good customer service right there. I will follow up here as my situation progresses for the benefit of others who may run across this thread.

I see you have plb beautiful
Do you sleep on side?
I see you mentioned how much you weigh, low back issues, height.
what did pure latex bliss said about what being right mattress for you? any of their other models?

I tend to sleep on both sides - maybe a bit more on my right side.

I have not yet talked to PLB but will post back if I get any info from them.

Hi kregan1013,

I see I missed a few posts in the thread. Sometimes I can easily miss one (or in this case more) posts when I “assume” that only the last one is new and I miss some that were posted the same day. I’ll see if I can catch up a bit with this thread :slight_smile:

I would definitely talk with any outlet about circumstances or issues that come up rather than email (which is much less nuanced and doesn’t really “flow” with followup clarifications or questions). Email or written communications just takes too long with more complex issues. In some cases they may be more flexible if the issue is a minor one or in a “gray area” but in general it’s up to the consumer to make sure they understand policies like comfort exchanges or refunds (both of which which I have mixed feelings about anyway for a local purchase) before purchasing a mattress.

In this case though I think what he is suggesting is to bring the mattress back (with the assistance of a friend) and they could open up the mattress and re-do it for you to change the level of support and pressure relief to make it closer to your needs and preferences. This is generally done at a reasonable charge for labor and any additional materials and IMO is a much better solution than changing the mattress completely. I don’t know if this is what they mean for certain but it is often one of the advantages of dealing with a local manufacturer that has the ability to do this.

I would call them though to clarify any questions you may have and ask what the costs involved may be (again assuming this is what they meant).

I would talk to them and explain to them the specific issues you are having and then use their expertise and skill to your advantage. They have many years of experience and the knowledge which will help you more than relying on your own knowledge or what you may think would work best. Many of the design, construction, and layering issues with a mattress are counterintuitive to those who don’t have the experience to know how all the layers interact or the “root causes” of specific issues.

This could easily be an issue that requires more firmness because you may be sinking in to the mattress too much both in terms of spinal alignment but also in the area of your discomfort which can lead to discomfort in the muscles. In other words the issues can come from the mattress allowing a position where the muscles are more “stretched” which can lead to the discomfort. The “diagnosis” of what may be the root issue is much more likely to be accurate with the guidance of a professional who works with these issues all the time. The fact that you are more comfortable on your side can also point to the likelihood that the mattress may be too soft for back sleeping. Also the fact that the Beautiful is among the softest mattresses they make may also point to this.

This would be a good test to see the effect of sleeping on a firmer surface. The differences that this would make could be a good guideline for any changes (if this is what he meant in his original reply) although the firmer side of the mattress may be on the other side of your needs and preferences (from too soft to too firm) but your experience here could be helpful.

I’m impressed too with the response of PLB although I have always found them to be very responsive and helpful.

So I would start with reversing the mattress and also talk with Worley to clarify what they were suggesting and/or talk with PLB as well if you feel this would be necessary or helpful.

I’m looking forward to your updates but it seems to me that the likelihood is good that the cause of your issues could easily be a surface that is too soft and is allowing parts of your back to sink in too far.

Let us know what happens.


Hi sanjay5goel,

It’s difficult to know for sure because I don’t know the specific firmness levels or what I call the “comfort specs” of the Ikea mattresses and I don’t know any details about your son but I suspect that the issue is connected to the fact that the Sultan Finnvik is a memory foam mattress that uses low density memory foam. I don’t think that this is a good choice for kids anyway (and memory foam may be the reason he doesn’t like it) and the memory foam may also be part of what you are experiencing. 3 lb memory foam is generally much softer (although this can vary with the specifics of the foam) and is also lower quality than I would consider.

I’m not sure if you are asking about a mattress that would be better for your son or for you (or for both of you). For your son though I would take him to the store and let him be a part of the selection. I’m not a big fan of either all or mostly synthetic latex because it is not as conforming and elastic and not as durable as natural but IMO the choice between them should be made based on which best meets the current needs of your son as well as taking into account the fact that he will be soon be entering a growth spurt where his mattress needs may change. I would take his impressions on the mattress into account because none of these are likely to be too soft (although I don’t know the specifics of each mattress in terms of the comfort specs outside of the “ratings” on the Ikea site). The Fossing is rated “plush” but this is likely because of a softer support layer and if it is “most plush” on average then it may be OK for him. Again though … his experience on the mattress would be the most accurate guideline (along with you making sure he isn’t clearly out of alignment in any of the positions he normally sleeps in).

The ratings of each (as inaccurate as single ratings are because mattresses are always a combination of softness and firmness) are …



  3. SULTAN ELSFJORD Most firm


So based on this … and bearing in mind that I am going by ratings that are only “store ratings” which may have no bearing on what a mattress actually feels like to a particular person (or child) … and also bearing in mind that I have no information about the comfort specs of the mattresses or your son … out of these options I would likely choose between the Fossing and the Engenes based on his preference and your observations to make sure that the Fossing in particular wasn’t “too soft” for good alignment and avoid the “most firm” choices unless your son has a strong preference for one of them.

I doubt that you will find an all latex mattress in that price range, even if it only 6", that uses 100% natural latex but it may be worth while to call the manufacturers listed in post #2 here to tell them what you are considering and see what they suggest. One of them is a member here but I have talked with and think highly of all of them.

Hope this helps


Hey Phoenix, you are pretty fantastic at responding to peoples questions here so no explanation necessary at all - it’s pretty amazing that you take the amount of time you do to address everyone here. Much appreciated.

I woke up at 3am last night to find myself sleeping on my back and in some discomfort. I really am starting to agree that the mattress may be too soft because I felt like my hips were sinking in too much - maybe this is simply power of suggestion but flipping it to sleep on the firm side is definitely worth a shot - just need to find someone to come help me flip this thing - weighs a TON!!!

I will be sure to post back any updates.

Quick update: I flipped the mattress and tried sleeping on it last night. First impression was that a lot of the discomfort I would get from laying on my back just for a few moments was a lot better. I didn’t feel the pressure on my mid/lower back that may have been caused by my hips sinking in too far.

However, I woke up this morning and still had significant pain in the middle of my back - sort of between the shoulder blades - but now it feels like that pain has extended lower down my back - like just above lumbar. I also had some pain on my lower left back which I’m pretty sure is due to the time I spent on my side - I feel like my hip is cocked up away from the mattress due to how firm it is. So I’m not sure how to read this…

One other hting is that I Have almost zero hip pain today - which is very unusual - my hips have been hurting pretty much every day for the past few months. The degree of pain always varies but it is always there. One thing to keep in mind is that I tried a deep tissue massage the other day - so unfortunately I did introduce another variable into the experiment. As soon as I walked out of that massage and drove home, the hip pain returned (although maybe less than usual) when I got out of my car. So I don’t know…

This is rather frustrating… I wish I cuold just come to a clear conclusion. I guess it seems like it helped potentially with my hips and the initial comfort of laying on it - but the middle back pain is still there. I guess we’ll see what night #2 feels like.

EDIT: I Have an appointment with an orthopedic dr. tomorrow regarding my back so I’ll be sure to run this by him as well and see what his take on it is.

hi kregan1013,

I won’t make too many comments for now because of course one day’s experience is too subject to many other variables to be particularly meaningful but your experience is interesting.

What I would “expect” is that the symptoms you have that come from a mattress that is too soft would be replaced by symptoms that come from sleeping on a surface that is too firm (or in this case closer to “hard”). The bottom layer of the PLB (now the top layer) is an inch of ultra firm latex that for most people would be way too firm … even over softer latex … and the layer below this is 6" of 36 ILD “support” latex which would also be too firm for most people to sleep on directly. This could lead to new symptoms of pressure relief issues … especially with side sleeping … and symptoms as well of not having the “gaps” in your sleeping profile filled in and supported. It should also help with symptoms that were connected to alignment and support including any pain or discomfort that can come from joints (like hips) being hyperextended. I think this is the first glimpse of what you may be experiencing and it may take a few days to “sort out” how the “symptoms” are shifting and what they are pointing to.

I hope you have the chance to keep us up to date on how things are changing and of course also on what your orthpedic dr. says.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Orthopedic Dr. didn’t have much advice for me regarding the bed. He thinks I have a pinched nerve in my back between my shoulder blades and was only willing to “deal with one thing at a time” so no info regarding my hips/lower back issues. Kind of disappointing…

Anyways, I was just sitting in bed reading and finding that I can’t focus on the book because I keep thinking about how to categorize and describe the experience of laying on this firm side of the mattress and how to compare it to the previous experience on the soft side. My hips have been hurting again, but not so much in the morning and still much better than last week. However, I still feel the “pressure” or “pushback” type of feeling in my mid back like up near my shoulder blades when I’m lying there. I am not sure how different this is from before… I want to say the feeling might have been a little lower before. Anyways, when I wake up I still get that pain in the middle of my back although I think it might be less than before.

I will be calling the store and/or the lady from PLB back soon to describe my experience and the next step will probably be to go back to the store and shop around some other mattresses again. I’m not really sure what to make of all this - I wonder if it’s possible that latex in general is just not right for me? It will be interesting to see how this process with the store/manufacturer goes anyways…

Hi kregan1013,

As you mentioned … it’s difficult to quantify what you are feeling until it becomes a clear pattern and as your Dr mentioned there may be other factors involved that don’t have anything to do with the mattress as well just to further complicate matters. The challenge is trying to “untangle” your “symptoms” so that it becomes clear what they are pointing to regardless of the type of material or layering that you may end up with. No matter what the material … if the pressure relief or alignment is not “right” then the symptoms may be similar so all of this can help in discovering the type of mattress that best suits your needs and preferences.

The other difficulty is that you have probably gone from the symptoms of too soft to the symptoms of too firm and while some of them may be similar … they have different reasons. The best layering … assuming that the issue is not latex itself (and even this can usually be resolved with a less resilient layer on top like polyfoam, memory foam, or wool) … will likely be in the middle ground which you haven’t tested at all so for now everything is just “pointers”.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the feeling of thne different areas of pain or discomfort … it may also have some value to carefully test some of the other models and see how they connect to your experience and which ones appear to allow you to completely relax without any hints of what you are feeling. In the PLB line … the most likely “candidates” are the Nature and the Nutrition. I do think that the “right layering” in any material (not just latex) will be in between the two extremes you are currently “testing”.


Update: Went back to the store and decided on the Pamper (1" 19 ILD comfort layer) + a 2 inch PLB 19 ILD topper. Cheaper than the Nature (3" 19 ILD comfort) with more flexibility and a firmer core (according to the specs on this website). It’s getting delivered today. I like hte idea of the topper so I can try the 3" and if I have problems I can switch to the 1". Hopefully, I will have some good results from this setup. Maybe I’ll post back next week with my results. Thanks again!

Hi kregan1013,

I will be very interested in hearing about the differences you feel between the Pamper (plus/minus 2" topper) and your experience on the Beautiful. There is a significant difference of course between them and the 3" of comfort material in the Pamper + topper in combination with a slightly firmer core (without a softer transition layer between them) will likely give you better support and still provide the pressure relief you need without going too far with the thickness of the comfort layers.

I hope this is the layering that works well for you and I’m looking forward to any ongoing feedback.

Thanks again for keeping us up to date.


So they delivered the Pamper this past Thursday but the delivery guy forgot to bring the 2" topper… sort of good I think though because it gives me an opportunity to try out the mattress by itself. First impression is that it felt much firmer than in the store and maybe even firmer than the bottom side of the Beautiful I had before… though that’s tough to say for sure. I guess these do require some break-in?

After sleeping on it for 4 nights now, I have mixed feelings. I still feel that bit of discomfort in my middle back laying on it for more than like 15 minutes. However, I feel like I was waking up with less back pain in general. However, I woke up this morning and was in pretty bad shape but mostly in my lower back and hips. I can’t say that this is attributable to the mattress though, yesterday involved an above-average amount of driving and couch-potato-ing - which are things that certainly exacerbate my lower back issues.

Topper is being delivered tomorrow… I’m thinking I will throw that on and try it out and compare - if I still have the mid back discomfort I’m thinking that maybe a future option might be to attempt to get a refund on the topper and try out something like a wool mattress pad.

Step at a time - but damn this is taxing…

Hi kregan013,

It doesn’t surprise me that the Pamper feels really firm … because it is really firm :slight_smile: In a store environment it’s always easy to perceive things differently than they really are because we compare them to other mattresses or combinations that we’ve tried in the same round of testing so the feeling can become more relative and subjective. Once it gets into your home … the frame of reference changes (there was no testing or other mattresses just before and after) and the feeling that goes with it can also be very different.

Interestingly enough … this is part of why I talk about the “managed environment” of a typical mattress showroom. If I was selling a mattress for example and I “wanted” someone to feel a certain way about a mattress I wanted to sell (and they didn’t know a more objective way to test mattresses) … I could manage their perception by what I got them to try both before and after testing that particular mattress and by “imprinting” certain ideas about how the mattress “should” feel or by giving them certain ideas about the relative “quality” of each. How much someone “wants” to like a mattress for various reasons will play a big role in what they actually feel on a mattress. Of course this leads to a different feeling on the mattress once it arrives in their home than they remember and this can sometimes be very confusing to the point where it’s easy to believe that the mattress they received is actually different from the mattress they tested when it isn’t (of course there is always the possibility that this has happened as well).

So the Pamper with a topper will be significantly different from the Pamper without … so the one without is certainly not predictive of how the combination will feel for you. The firmness of the Pamper andhow close to the very firm support layer you are can lead to misalignment of the spine as easily as a mattress that is too soft and the symptoms can be similar … even though the reason is different.

So as much as possible I would try to avoid making any kind of “measurements” about the suitability of the Pamper without the topper. The combination is like a completely different mattress than the version without and it’s the two together and knowing how it works as a “system” is the goal. Not surprisingly … the Pamper by itself is not your “ideal” and would produce “symptoms” … and would for most people as well. It’s what happens when the topper arrives and you are sleeping on the complete “set” that will be of real interest.

Once the topper arrives … then it will need some time to show any “patterns” rather than instances … especially because there are other influences involved. While a wool topper can be a great idea … I would tend to avoiid thinking about what may be next until it’s clear what is happening on the “system” that you are about to try.

Thanks for the ongoing feedback along the way.

One step at a time :slight_smile:


So first off, MRI apparently shows a ruptured disc in my neck - that’s the upper back issue. Haven’t yet started that process for my lower back but imagine it’s something similar pushing on my sciatic nerve.

Pamper + 2" topper - much better. However, I do still get a slight bit of discomfort laying on my back. That same pressing feeling I’ve been mentioning. It’s a lot better than it was before and usually after some shifting around and laying there for a while it mostly goes away… but I still find that a bit disappointing for the amount I paid.

I’m not waking up with that mid back (stretch the shoulders forward) pain hardly at all now.

Last week I think I had a stomach bug that was also causing a lot of tightness and soreness up and down my whole back… so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I went to bed with a muscle relaxer which basically threw those nights out for testing since I could have been sleeping on a truck bed and been perfectly comfortable.

However, Saturday morning on I have been waking up with very little back/hip pain - which doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the mattress because it has always been rather variable - it comes and goes.

Anyways, I’m definitely happier with this setup but not 100% thrilled with it.

Hi kregan1013,

The trick will be to find out which part of your “symptoms” belong to the mattress and which to your other issues and once you have this narrowed down … what type of fine tuning may be required once any initial adjustments have “stabilized”.

[quote]However, Saturday morning on I have been waking up with very little back/hip pain - which doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the mattress because it has always been rather variable - it comes and goes.

Anyways, I’m definitely happier with this setup but not 100% thrilled with it. [/quote]

This is good news but as you mention its the pattern over the longer term … especially when there are other factors involved as well … that will tell the tale. This also makes sense because of the thinner overall comfort layers which are closer to the support layers of the mattress and may be confirming our earlier discussions about joint misalignment.

Thanks too for the ongoing feedback. Circumstances like yours that are a combination of “mattress” issues and other spinal/joint issues and your experiences and feedback as you continue to go through the initial adjustment period and work towards a solution that helps as much as possible may also be very helpful for others who are facing similar difficulties. Hopefully the best possible solution is just time.


I’m wondering if maybe I should try a wool topper… this place (which I found in another thread on this site) http://www.woolenmill.com has a nice guarantee:

[quote]30 Day Better Sleep Protection Plan

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Nature’s Comfort Wool Mattress Pad or Wool Comforter, you may return it to us for a full refund of the product price. Please call 1-800-208-9821 for a return authorization. Product must be returned in original container and original condition.

Any products damaged beyond normal wear will not be accepted for return. All returns must be shipped pre-paid. We will not accept C.O.D. for shipment cost. Product must be delivered to The St. Peter Woolen Mill, 101 W. Broadway, St. Peter, MN 56082 within 30 days from receipt of delivery.

Just because of the continued discomfort (although less) I’m feeling lying on my back… I’m just wondering if maybe the “body-conforming” feeling of latex is just not right for me… so this seems like a potential alternative option.

I would think I would want to remove the 2" latex topper and replace with one of these wool ones? If it is more comfortable maybe the mattress place would be willing to take the topper back. I don’t know…

Hi kregan1013,

A wool topper, like other materials, has unique properties and it can certainly be a “problem solver” for some people. In your case this may be either with or without the topper (wool will not be as soft and conforming as the latex and you may need some extra softness over the wool alone).

In you case though … I would definitely give it some extra time because there are two other things happening and you have only been sleeping on your current combination for less than a couple of weeks. One of these is the normal adjustment to a new sleeping surface which can take up to several months in some cases (and it appears that this adjustment is still continuing to happen) and the second is that you have other complicating issues that may make it very difficult to know which part of what you are experiencing is the mattress and which part is from the other issues.

If you make changes too quickly when there are still other complicating factors at work … you may end up with something that works for now but as you continue to adjust or as the other issues are dealt with may once again put you out of your range.

So while I think that this could be a very good option … I also think it’s too early to know for sure and I would also want to find out what your doctor says which may help you link your “symptoms” to the underlying cause.