What topper should I get?

I am thinking latex but I am overloaded with information.

Both my wife and myself are side sleepers and we have a Duxiana bed.

Lately we toss and turn a lot and despite the amount of springs and adjustment, we cannot find a good sleeping position.

After reading a lot on this site, I am thinking a Talalay topper but 2" or 3" (5’11" 174pounds) or a Seven Comforts.

Please recommend.

Hi dserban,

If your tossing and turning is from a mattress that is too firm for you and doesn’t provide you with good pressure relief, and the mattress doesn’t have any soft spots or dips (which is probably the case with your Dux) then a topper can be a good idea as a way to add some extra softness and pressure relief.

Choosing a topper can sometimes be almost as difficult as choosing a mattress because unless you can test the combination together you are really looking at making educated guesses about how they will interact together but post #2 here and the posts it links to have some guidelines for choosing a topper that should be helpful.