What type of talalay is the Natura world latex pillow made from?

Hi all,

Quick question, I recently bought the Natura World low profile ideal latex pillow (which is a fantastic pillow BTW). I know the latex foam in the pillow is made by LI. Is the type of talalay latex the talatech (blended latex) or 100% natural talalay?

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Hi ps99115,

I couldn’t find the information on the Naturaworld site or in the descriptions of any retailers that sell them that I could see in a brief search. The closest I could see was someone else on Amazon here that asked the same question (I believe it is the same pillow) and the reply said it was 100% Talalay which means nothing because both blended Talalay and 100% natural Talalay are both 100% Talalay. You may need to contact Natura here and ask them.


Contacted Natura cust service and this was the response:

“The Ultimate LP Latex pillow is a blended Talalay latex. Yes Latex International supplies our latex”

Just FYI for anyone else who wants to know.

Hi ps99115,

I would have guessed it was their blended but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this industry it’s to never assume anything.

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: