What's best for me, Latex or Gelmemory foam?

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I read one of your answers to a post in which you stated that “you were not too computer savvy”, well, I’m a lot worse that you could ever be :slight_smile: After I finally was able to register, it took me a long time to figure (I think) how to put in a post, but now I can’t find it anywhere and after hour of trying I decided to bug you again and see if I can get an answer. In my post I was asking if you have any information about “mattresses247.com” I believe they are in Arizona. I also wanted some of you knowledgeable help to find if their suggestion are good for my problem. I’m 5’9" and weight 155 lbs. and a side sleeper. I have a bad back from a couple of bad jumps when was a paratrooper, and will be having a total shoulder replacement as soon as I can resolve the mattress problem. Their suggestion are: Three layers of 3" Latex 100% premium Talaley Blended 22-24 ILD, 3"of med. 30-32 ILD and 3" firm 38-40 ILD (made by Latex International or Radial Foam), the cover is Bamboo with 3 sided zipper.
The warranty is 3 years, she mentioned that the reason is that a buyer has 90 days return (I pay the return mail) and that is there is going to be any problem it will happen in the first 3 years?? If you have the time I’ll appreciate any input you may also have about “Appliances Connections and Boyd Manufacturer”. Thanks so much again for all the tremendous amount of information on your webpage, it certainly helped me a lot as to what direction I would like to go before I jump, as I will not be able to do anything such as repacking etc…after the surgery, and that’s where you come in. Many, many thanks!

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Hi Marco,

I’m fairly computer savvy but not so much when it comes to being a webmaster and all the technical details that can be involved with this particular “hat” I wear :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened to your post but if you look beside your icon you can see that it’s your first post on the forum. Sometimes what can happen is when you are writing a post your mattress forum session can timeout for various reasons and then when you click submit it doesn’t make it onto the forum and it’s lost. This is something that can happen on most forums (including this one) and it’s usually a good idea just before you submit a post to highlight the text and copy it to memory so that if for some reason it doesn’t work that you haven’t lost it. I can’t tell you how many hours of writing I’ve lost on this and other forums over the years because of session timeouts or other glitches and it always seems to be the times when I don’t copy a post first that is when it happens. Murphy’s law I suppose. I also checked the deleted posts just in case that’s what happened (when a post is deleted it’s still visible to me until I permanently delete it) and it wasn’t there either.

A forum search on mattresses 24/7 (you can just click this) will bring up more information about them including a detailed review with pictures from one of the members here. They used to sell mostly seconds or comfort returns or exchanges from other manufacturers but this has changed and for the past year they have only sold new materials.

This is a fairly standard suggestion similar to what other manufacturers that sold similar mattresses would usually make for your height and weight and sleeping position. The only way to know for certain would be to either sleep on it or with local testing on similar mattresses where you could confirm in person that this layering worked well for you in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) but unless there was a specific reason to choose otherwise this would be the “normal” suggestion with the latex layers they have available. You will still be able to do some fine tuning by re-arranging the layers. You may also want to find out their layer exchange policy and costs involved in case you need to exchange a layer (rather than just return it)

This is generally true.

Although I know little about them … this thread has some feedback about Appliances Connection. Keep in mind that to know the quality or make meaningful comparisons with any mattress that you need to know the details of every layer and when you are dealing with an online retailer … their knowledge and experience to help guide you with choosing a mattress that has a good chance of matching your needs and preferences and their return and/or exchange policies can be a significant part of their 'value and an important part of many people’s “personal value equation”. No matter where you buy … online or locally … it’s always a good idea to make sure you have tested similar mattresses that use the same type of materials as a mattress you are considering so that you are familiar with them and know you like how they feel and perform. You’ve probably read this already but post #1 here is the most important single post on the forum and it would also be helpful if you haven’t. It will give you some guidelines and steps that can help you find your “best” mattress and the hour or so that you spend reading it and the information it links to will give you all the basic information you need to make good choices.

A forum search on “Boyd” (you can just click this as well) will also bring up much more information about them as well. I would make sure that you read post #2 here about the so called “engineered latex” they use because their descriptions can be very misleading and deceptive.

No matter where you buy or what you buy … it’s always important to make sure you are confident that a mattress will match your needs and preferences (or you can fine tune it or exchange it or the layers in it), that the price reflects the risks of a particular online purchase, and that you know the details of every layer in a mattress you are buying or considering so you can know it’s real quality/durability and identify any possible weak links in the mattress.