When A Trusted Member Mattress Doesn't Support Your Back?

I wrote this as part of a previous post, but I’m really hoping to get an answer before I go to the Trusted Member mattress store (in a couple hours).

I am a normal size (thought I probably carry weight in my butt/hips?) and mostly sleep on my back. When I visited them previously, I didn’t feel any of the mattresses adequately supported my back (I sank in uncomfortably at my hips), even the firmer and most premium models. Chain mattresses felt more comfortable to me.

I’m still lost since I know the chain mattresses become uncomfortable quickly as their low quality materials break down.

So… how can I talk to this Trusted Member about finding a solution to my issue? Or what would be a solution to this issue?

These are the stats of the queen mattress that they recommend:

  • 1,074 Quantum Edge 5-zone pocketed coil spring system
    • 7.75" tall, 8 turn coils
    • 13.5 gauge coils at the perimeter with border firming rods for a better seating edge
    • 15.5 gauge coils at the head and foot for comfortable support
    • 14.5 gauge coils through the center third of the mattress for improved lumbar support
  • One inch of pound 1.8, 32 ILD heavy-density foam
  • One inch of very soft blended latex, 14 ILD
  • A one inch, pound 1.5 heavy-density foam quilted cover

Hi Cassandra,

There is unfortunately no ‘standard formula’ for determining how supportive or comfortable a mattrsss will be for an individual sleeper…mattresses are a very subjective thing, and something you feel is too soft another sleeper of your same Stats may find too firm.

For an ‘average’ bmi sleeper, the specifications you list look to be fine. The soft latex is 1" so you will not ‘sink’ too much and bottom out in the firmer layers below. The support system also looks sound. The Trusted Members of the site gave many years of experience matching sleepers to their ideal mattress; if you share your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) - thanks for providing those! - and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), mattress history and what you are trusting to achieve, they can recommend a good sleep solution.

Keep in mind - sleep trials exist for a reason! You can’t expect to know how comfortable and supportive a mattress will be with just a few minutes of testing. It can take weeks to ‘break in’ a mattress, as well as your body adapting to it. A hood manufacturer or retailer will make an ‘educated idea’ of how a mattress may suit your particular needs. But every sleeper is unique! Keep an open mind sand tanks stick of his your hips feel, and with their help, you should be in the way to better nights of sleep!

~ Basilio

Next!!! Go to the next retailer for sure!!! Dont waste your time forcing yourself to like something when you dont!!!


Thank you so much for your quick response!! I checked it right before I walked in the store. I’m laying on the recommended bed right now. I have pretty bad social anxiety, so I hate going to stores with salespeople :cry: that’s why I like Hassleless (the mattress store with no salespeople).

I wonder if my back was hurting or something the last time I came here. I do feel like it could be more supportive on my lower back but it’s not as awful as I recall.

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Hi Cassandra,

Good- I saw that you were going soon & wanted to answer your questions! Hopefully this will be a low-impact interaction for you…let us know how it turns out!

~ Basilio