When $$$ is a MAJOR factor

Ok, sooo We need a king mattress now, and cannot put ourselves in debt to get one, but I dont want to buy junk. So, I’ve spent hours reading on this site about foam mattresses.( BTY thanx). MUCHO info!!
I think I have narrowed it down to 2 that are acceptable within my price range:
Restava Monoco Gel
Sam’s Club Aerus Natural 12"

I’m pretty sure I understand now the importance of the density of the support layer for proper spinal alignment. But, I’m not sure if either of these have an acceptable support layer.
I think Sams Club returns are easier than Restava but I dont know.
Please help. I dont want to make a wrong decision purchasing something without testing it.

Curious, what’s your price range? I found in Toronto (Canada where things are generally more expensive), you can get a really good bed for under a grand…

the 2 I mentioned are under $600 without a foundation.

Hi Hobotrader,

The Sams Club 12" Aerus mattresses uses a 3" layer of 4 lb Aerus memory foam which is medium density and quality. They don’t list the density of the polyfoam they use in the base layers but if you calculate it out (assuming that their shipping weight is correct) it works out to be in the 1.4 to 1.5 lb range which is relatively low quality (and much lower than the Restava). The good news here is that they have a great return policy which would come in handy if you make the wrong choice although this may not help if the foam softens too much after you are able to return the mattress. Of course knowing how this feels and performs for you … at least initially … would be based on your personal experience after you had received it because it’s not likely that you would be dealing with any knowledgeable people at Sams Club that could give you any meaningful guidance in this way.

The Restava has 3" of 4.2 lb gel memory foam and 2" of their 5.3 lb memory foam (which I would confirm with them to make sure) over a polyfoam support layer that is 2.5 lbs so from the perspective of the quality of materials the Restava is certainly better quality and it’s “commodity value” is better as well.

The Monaco though (and I believe the Regina as well) is not returnable at all though so your confidence in it’s “feel” and performance based on your conversations with them and how you feel about having no recourse if your choice doesn’t suit your needs and preferences would also be a significant part of it’s overall “value” as well that may or may not be important to you and could be a significant factor in your decision.

The density of the support layer has little to nothing to do with its firmness (density and firmness are not directly related with polyfoam or memory foam) but it is the most significant part of quality and durability (how long a foam will maintain its original properties).