Where can I find 2lb polyfoam 5lb memory foam in mattresses in Indaianpolis?

Two questions:

First (and less important), is there a way to post outside the “Ask an Expert” section? Right now, I’m trying to find potential suppliers/vendors, and I feel odd asking those kinds of questions to a supplier/vendor.

Second, I read the durability guidelines on this site. As we have gone mattress shopping, I have found out my wife like her mattress soft. Really soft, with lots of soft layers on top (I like firmer, but can sleep on anything, and will concede on this). The site recommends 2lb polyfoam, 5lb memory foam, or latex for our high BMI, and I believe that.

My wife has also eliminated all internet vendors from consideration - she doesn’t want to buy a mattress she can’t test/feel in advance. I can understand that.

However, I haven’t found any local mattress suppliers (Indianapolis-area) that put foam this dense in their mattresses. The “better” verndors offer 1.8lb poly and 4.0lb memory, or about 10-20% less dense than recommended. Any idea who I should call? If I use this lighter foam, what kind of durability can I expect - will the mattress last 10 years (I’m thinking probably not…)?

I’ve already seen Bowles Mattress, Mark’s Mattress/Sleep Natural. I’ve also seen Southerland mattress, but the salesperson was useless and I still don’t know how those mattresses are constructed.


I would contact a local upholstery supply house. They would know where you could go to get cut polyfoam in your area since they usually carry it for their upholstery customers. If you can find a sofa manufacturer in your area the same would be true. You might also want to consider latex as an alternative to poly since durability seems to be a high priority for you and that’s our specialty. Latex is dense and yet can be configured in very different firmness choices for each partner.