Where can I find a 1" super-soft latex topper?

As the title says, I’ve been having difficulty finding a 1" super soft latex topper. My current build is 3" medium dunlop latex, and 3" soft dunlop latex from SoL and it’s been great so far!

I am 5’7 ~120lbs 50/50 side/back sleeper. I’ve noticed that I would like just a LITTLE bit more softness in the top comfort layer when I sleep on my side, but all I could find are 2" super soft toppers. At my size, I think that would be too soft.

Thanks for any help!

Hi nuwc.

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1" of latex for a topper can be SO hard to find! I was able to find this topper but it’s only soft (it’s a soft dunlop).

You may have luck with a place like DIY Natural Bedding - I’m fairly sure they still do custom cuts. And, of course, if anyone reading this has had success buying 1" of latex from somewhere and want to share…I sure hope they do!


I have bought a 3 in soft dunlop topper from Sleep On Latex Before. I just checked and they also offer it in soft 1 inch.

I’m no expert, but I was really impressed by this company across the board when I bought from them: transparent about their product, good safety certifications, helpful customer service, free and easy return policy and, most importantly, what feels like a very high quality product.

I hope this helps!

thank you Nikki! It’s really surprising that they dont offer 1" toppers. I can speculate the reasons but I know that some mattress companies have 1" layers, so I thought it would be simple to find.

DIY natural bedding does have a soft (ILD 11-17) which i believe is softer than SoL’s soft but not by much (I think it’s ILD 19). Unfortunately the amazon topper is also ILD 20. If I do find something, I’ll definitely post it here.

I already have the soft topper from SoL. I really liked SoL’s customer service and their products. I wished they had a super soft version too. (ILD ~11-15 maybe).

Thanks all!

Hi nuwc.

Definitely do keep us looped in and, of course, if I catch wind of anything in this realm I’ll let you know as well.

I will say, I don’t believe latex comes in a softer ILD than 11 so that DIY Natural Bedding latex good. be a good contender.