where can i find cotton sheets for a 10"-11" high mattress

i bought a bed with a 10" high mattress, all the sheets i’ve seen have much deeper pockets for the fitted sheet. it took me so long to finally choose a mattress that i totally forgot about making sure fitted sheets (or mattress protector) size wouldn’t be a problem. anyone know where i can find reasonably priced cotton sheets that would fit my new 10" high mattress

Hi cbcb,

In most cases a fitted sheet will fit a “range” of mattress thicknesses and as long as your mattress is inside the range for the sheets you are buying (and in most cases a regular rather than a deep drop would fit your mattress) you will likely be fine.

There is much more information and some sources about sheets and different materials in post #7 here and hopefully some of the members here will be able to share their sources for cotton sheets they like (I don’t have the time/ability to keep track of pricing for sheets and bedding).