Where can i get a pillow riser?

I recently purchased a pillow i really like, but unfortunately it is a little too thin for me. I want something to rise the pillow up about 1 or 2 inches to better support my neck.

Where can i find something like this?

Hi cheesepuff,

I don’t know of anything like this which is designed as a “pillow riser” … except perhaps another very thin pillow that could go under yours. There are some pillows where you can remove or add fill to make them as thick or thin as you prefer and perhaps this would work for what you are looking to do.

Something like this Seven Comforts Pillow where the materials can be removed and customized or something like this Down Envelope may work.


Its amazing what a knife and a cheese grader can do. :silly:

I took a spare cheap contoured polyfoam pillow, measured some dimensions, marked them, and cut it by hand with a knife to form a simple 5.5 CM tall rectangle, then used a cheese grader to flatten it out.

Lord Behold, my expensive pillow which was too thin, now supports my neck very well!

Hi cheesepuff,

That’s what I call creative :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your idea