Where can I try out a mattress similar to the Ultimate Dreams mattress

This is a great site! What a wealth of info on mattresses. Like many posts I’ve read on here, I’m a bit reluctant to purchase a mattress online without first getting a feel for it. What mattresses would be similar to the Ultimate Dream? I live in the 94502 zip code. Thanks.

Hi jammin,

There are several manufacturers on the Bay Area list in post #2 here which offer similar mattresses with a similar build and materials … some of them with good value as well. A few phone calls asking about a “latex polyfoam hybrid with several inches of latex over a polyfoam base” will find a few that would be worth visiting. While these will not be exactly the same… they would at least give you a good sense of the overall feel of a latex/polyfoam hybrid even if the softness/firmness or some of the layering may be a bit different.

Hope this helps.