Where in California can I find buckling gel columns??

Wow…when I first saw this site, I breathed a huge sigh of relief…since then I’ve been searching and searching to find a mattress in California (or anywhere that will ship here for free) that has thick layers of talalay latex ( not just an inch or so but nearly 100%) AND buckling gel columns…

I’m getting very discouraged…the intellibed is so expensive and requires a $60 or $90 cover purchase if you want the ability to return it…I read the post from the gentleman who purchased from Sleepy’s and even though not exactly “the one”, went through all the motions to buy it only to receive a notice at the end that I couldn’t purchase it (site says they’ll deliver to all 48 contiguous states but must not)
I’ve checked nearly every provider on your list and most do not have the combination of gel columns & talalay latex - like the one from Arizona Mattress has coils but not with gel
Hybrid Pocket Coil with Latex Mattress - Arizona Mattress

I’ve also researched Technogel…but those mattresses only have pads of gel ather than the gel columns

Is anyone able to provide a solution? Thank you very much

Hi Urbanrancher100,

There are three versions of buckling column gel that are generally available in the market which are Intelligel, Orthogel, or Somnigel (see post #2 here). Intelligel is only used in the Intellibed and Orthogel is used in Natura/Nexgel mattresses and Somnigel is used by several manufacturers including King Koil.

Outside of Intelligel … you could contact the Nexgel site to ask if there are any retailers in your area that carry them and you could also try contacting Leggett & Platt here and ask which manufacturers are using the Somnigel and then contact the manufacturers to see if any of them have any stores in your area that carry them.

A quick google search on “Somnigel mattress” turned up several manufacturers that are using it outside of King Koil (see here and here) but a deeper search may turn up more because neither one is in California.

Some of the Natura/Nexgel mattresses are also on Amazon here.


Phoenix, thank you so much for clarifying the situation.

I’ll follow your suggestions and let you know what I find.

This is maddening…I can’t find the combination I`d like anywhere…the closest I came was the NexGel site and the Sweet Mornings LatexGel mattress - but that’s simply pads of nexgel not the buckling columns’

When I checked the NexGel site itself & clicked contact us, there wasn’t any information there…maybe I missed it but I saw no place for contacting them other than when you register a new purchase

Went down the list of the manufacturers here (nearly to end) and couldn’t find the combo…went on Brooklyn Bedding’s site to see if i could get the latex and insert a gel layer myself…it’s possible but not a layer of the buckling columns…

Called Texas mattresses…searched all over for somnigel…what am I doing wrong?? I have seen mattresses with 1" of talalay but that’s really not enough…

My husband & are starting to argue about this because it’s taking me so long…but this is quite a lot of money and I want to get it right…please, if anyone has seen something I’ve missed, let me know

Hi Urbanrancher100,

I’m not sure what you mean here but the Sweet Mornings LatexGel mattress includes a single 2" layer of Orthogel which is buckling column gel along with the latex and the other layers and components that they list for the mattress.

I see what you mean. You may need to contact the parent company Revsleep here to find out if there are any dealers in your area.

The only place I know that you can buy a buckling column gel topper is on the Intellibed site here. Orthogel toppers used to be available on the Olejo site here but they are out of stock.

If you are only considering a mattress that uses buckling column gel then you have already narrowed down the options that you have available to only a small number of mattresses and there may not be any local options that you can test so you may be limited to online choices (in which case I would make sure there is a good return policy in case the mattress you purchase isn’t a good match for you in terms of PPP). If you also have other very specific criteria that are also important to you in addition to a mattress that contains buckling column gel then your criteria may be so narrow that a mattress that fits all your criteria may not even exist. Is there a reason that you are only looking for mattresses that contain some version of buckling column gel? Have you tested mattresses that use it and confirmed that you prefer it over other types of mattresses?