Where to buy a custom mattress near Washington DC?

A friend has offered to give me a daybed he purchased while living in Tanzania. It’s not standard size, so I need to investigate the cost of ordering a custom mattress. We measured the slats it would set on at 78"x30", although we need to fully assemble it to get a more accurate measurement.

I’m a side-sleeper with lower back problems and therefore prefer a firmer mattress. I’ve had good experience with a more fiber-based sleeping pad, so am open to different materials.

Where should I start asking for quotes? Thanks.

Hi ckcorman,
Post #2 here has a list of the better options in the Washington, DC area that I’m aware of. I don’t know for sure but several of these should be able to order a special size from their factory.

I would start with Bedcrafters by Michelle and American Foam Center.