where to buy a non toxic mattress near hartford, CT

please suggest an affordable, non toxic mattress store. I enjoy the feel of memory foam with a plush topper. Thanks…

Hi csilverdds,

That would really depend on how you define “non toxic” because each person may have very different ideas about “how safe is safe enough”. For some … memory foam or polyfoam that is CertiPur certified is “safe enough” while others may consider both to be “toxic” by their personal definition (or just be more sensitive to some of the chemicals in them than others).

Post #2 here has more information and links to resources that will give you much more information about a very controversial subject. Knowing what is in your mattress (in terms of materials and the method used to make it fire retardant) is important if “safe” or “non toxic” is a primary issue and your definitions, chemical sensitivities, needs, or even just preferences are different from most.

Post #2 and #4 in this thread has some of the better options I’m aware of within a reasonable drive of Hartford.


i’m not overly concerned about total non toxicity. right now i have a memory foam from bed bath beyond as a temporary. it’s comfortable, but my sense is it’s got alot of chemicals (from China). ideas?

Hi csilverdds,

Besides the suggestions and information in the previous link … the best suggestion I can make is to follow the steps in post #1 here once you have decided on the types of materials and components that are acceptable to you.

If you are looking at memory foam I would make sure at a minimum that they met the guidelines in post #10 here (if you choose to go with memory foam at all) and with latex I would make sure that it was certified by Oeko-Tex or a similar test for offgassing and harmful substances although it would not be common to find latex that had an issue with this.


If you want latex and don’t mind a drive to Brandford, check out Comfort Sleep Systems. I got a king sized Outrageous set there recently, which is 100 percent talalay latex. I literally could not be happier with the purchase. I can honestly say it’s been a life changer for me and my wife. If I sound effusive, please understand that I have no affiliation with the store. I was only in there the one time when I bought the set. It was the good advice on this site that led me there, and I am thankful for that. The set wasn’t cheap, but after a month or so, I can say it was worth every penny to us. I don’t wake up achey or sore any more. I sleep the best that I have in years. There’s no off gassing at all. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am really happy with this set. I live in NY, and if they deliver to me there, I bet they’d deliver to Hartford.

Good luck!