Where to buy individual layers of HD memory foam (7lb +)?

Hello, I am a big fan of these forums and have been helped by some of the information here. I have tried out some mattresses that use high density memory foam and really like the feel. I would like to buy an inch or two to put on top of my current mattress. While I have found multiple suppliers of memory foam products through this website, I have not been able to find any suppliers that offer a density of at least 7lbs ft^3. Rocky Mountain no longer carries the hd venus memory foam. Nor can I find any info on any other places that offer what I am looking for. The places that do sell mattresses that offer the higher density memory foam do not seem to sell individual layers of it for use as a topper. Basically I would just like know if anyone has any info on where I might be able to purchase what I am looking for. Thanks

Hi Loopy2424,

The better online sources for toppers or individual layers and mattress components that I’m aware of are listed in post #4 here but unfortunately I don’t know of any current source for individual layers of 7 or 8 lb memory foam and I haven’t seen them available for some time.