where to buy memory foam toppers

I’ve done a ton of research. But not a big fan of aerus/sensus and that is seemingly what most sites sell these days. I’ve tried contacting myluxurymattress as they sell bayer from hickory springs but the guy is never in so scratch that off… Where are some reliable sites which sell american made foam that is certipur and not FXI.

Hi maverick3934,

There are hundreds of topper sources for hundreds of different types of memory foam (more than I could possibly keep up with) but most of them don’t list the foam pourer that supplies them.

There is a list of DIY sources in post #4 here and some of these are from sources other than FXI. There are also some polyfoam suppliers in the same post that also supply memory foam but you would need to call them and see if they will tell you their sources and of course any information that’s not listed on their websites such as the type and density and whether it is CertiPur certified.

A few other sources that I have on my list that may be worth some calls and some further research to fill in any missing information includes …

http://www.foamproducts.net/html/foam.html Viness and Sensus

http://www.sleepaidfactory.com/toppers.html or Collections – Heal + Co. or http://www.a1mattress.com/memory-foam-products.html

http://www.mydreammattress.com/memory-foam-841.html or http://www.shoppingwarehouse.net/cat-841.html Vita


http://www.isoform.com/mattressespads-c-23.html Isoform (MDI memory foam)

http://www.sleepwarehouse.com/gel-memory-foam.aspx GFlex (flexible Foam)

http://www.mattresshero.com/catalog/Eco_Mattress_Toppers-53-1.html Preserve

http://www.vtmattressdepot.com/Mattress_Toppers_s/1884.htm Boyd

http://www.boydmemoryfoammattresses.com/gel-memory-foam-mattress-toppers-c-25.html Boyd

http://www.esleepmasters.com/Mattress_Toppers_s/36.htm Natura

HOME - InnoMax Innomax

http://www.ebed.com/index.php CoolTemp

http://thebedboss.com/pillowline Renew memory foam

Results for isotonic - Search Results Isotonic (Carpenter)

http://www.personalcomfortbed.com/categories/Accessories/Mattress-Toppers/ Boyd

NameBright - Coming Soon Restava

Mattress Toppers | BedInABox Pluracel (NCFI)


thank you this is a great list. The hardest thing these days is most companies won’t tell you their manufacturers or density.

Hi maverick,

This is only a small fraction of what is available but along with those I already listed is fairly representative of what is out there.

I certainly agree with you that getting relevant specs can be very difficult. While I do understand that manufacturers may sometimes need to keep their sources private for competitive reasons … I do believe that quality specs such as density should be part of what is easily available from every manufacturer. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have had unbelievably suspicious responses to the types of questions I tend to ask and I’m fairly “gentle” and open with people about why I’m asking. More than a few have even refused to believe that I wasn’t a “spy” and hung up the phone on me no matter what I told them.