Where to buy PU foam?

Hello Phoenix et al.

After a few nights on my bed (project) I know what I need. I’m in search of a piece of PU foam, I guess regular PU or HD. I decided not to mess around with even CertiPur memory foam because of my allergies.

So I’m looking for a piece of PU foam in approximately a 27 IlD (I’m told this is considered “medium” which sounds right to me). I just need 1"; perhaps 1.5" at most.

I will probably put a thin layer of talalay latex i have here on it if necessary which I like. In fact I’m looking to put this piece of PU foam in between my very firm pocket coils and soft talalay latex top.

I’m a stomach and side sleeper so I have to go thin on this PU.

Any idea where I can buy something like this? I only need a twin or a full size so it’s certainly not a big order.

I am hoping to find someone in MA I can go to directly but if I have to I can order online.

I’d like the foam to be CertiPur certified or at least made in N America. But I may not be able to have everything.

Thank you to anyone who has any suggestions.

Hi LookingNow,

The component list here includes the better online sources for polyfoam that I’m aware of. There are also some comments and comparisons in post #4 here and post #6 here that may be helpful as well.

I don’t have a list of local polyfoam suppliers in Massachusetts so you would need to do some google searching but it may be worth calling https://www.yelp.com/biz/bonnie-foam-rubber-and-products-allston in Allston (although their website is gone so they may no longer be in business).


Thanks Phoenix

As usual you’re right on top of what’s happening in the industry. Bonnie a Foam is still open but short hours. The elderly gentleman who runs it orders things if he doesn’t have them. I’m waiting to see if he can access what I need.

The online foam supplier list is excellent. I’ve looked into 2 and have learned a lot about how to pick the right foam for me on a1foamandfabrics website. The next one on your list has CertiPur and I’ll call them Monday.

Grateful for your continued help.

Happy weekend,

Hi LookingNow,

Thanks for letting me know that Bonnie Foam in Allston is still open. I tried calling them but their phone just kept ringing. I suspected that they were still open because I didn’t reach a “not in service” message but I’m glad you were able to confirm it.


Quick update: If Yelp and website searching is to be believed, Bonnie Foam is completely closed now, as is the Foam Rubber Discount Center.


Thanks for that update for foam suppliers in the Allston, MA area. I appreciate it!