Where to Find Knit Cotton Mattress Cover and Sheets ??

I’m not having good luck searching the web for knit cotton mattress protectors and fitted sheets, etc. Search results are spotty at best, error prone and seem to often turn up baby-bedding hits. Apparently in Europe where latex mattresses are much more common you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting cotton knit sheet products. But here in the US it seems to be somewhat of an underground market.

Anybody have any places or links to share where I can find knitted mattress products?



Hi Sonic,

Please remind me where you reside?

Our Berkeley Ergonomics mattress is being delivered on Friday and along with it, we purchase a cotton mattress protector. I thought they sold it online, but I dont see it now.

Here’s the link to the baby crib mattress cover- it’s similar to this one. You could buy from European Sleep Works if you just call them I’m sure :wink:


Hi Sonic,

I think for most people the thinner mattress protectors with stretchy sides will flex enough not to really affect the feel of the mattress but I thought I’d do a quick search to see what there was in the way of more stretchy materials on top. Here’s a short list I came up with. The last two are a thicker cotton knit and the Dormeir wool pad which is also thinner and more stretchy than most wool quilted protectors.



In terms of sheets and bedding … it’s certainly not my area of expertise and hopefully Budgy might see this and make a few comments (he knows more about fabrics and fibers than anyone I know) but in the meantime …

These two sites have a lot of valuable information about different fabrics used in sheets


A few other sites that carry jersey stretch sheets (among many more that show up with a google search) include …



There’s lots to know about sheets in general and just like mattresses there’s a lot of misleading information about them (such as misleading thread counts) but like anything else much of this is a matter of balancing real quality and preferences with price.


Thanks for the replies (Sleepless, I’m in Orlando area)

I got a Luna protector today so we’ll start there. It does indeed stretch (not just the sides but the material), just as I suspected. As long as it breathes enough and doesn’t sleep hot then that problem will probably be solved.

The fitted sheet is what I’m still struggling to find. I actually looked in a fabric store today and there’s splenty of stretchy fabrics with as much as 95% cotton in them that are 58 or 60 inches wide. So I could easily make a few fitted sheets just buying fabric and then have a border sewn around it using the same material.

Will check out those links Phoenix provided as well to see if any of them have just the fitted sheets instead of an entire sheet set.


I also bought the luna cover for my templow memory foam bed. Before using it I slept a night one night ontop of a cotton blanket over the mattress and no matress cover expect the one that came with the bed, the next night I got rid of the blanket and used a thin cotton sheet. Both times when I would wake up feeling hot I took some temp readings with a thermal gun, the readings were about 84 in the hot areas and the rest of the bed was around 72, then I put the luna cover on on last night with a sheet over it . Again I woke up hot but this time it seemed much hotter than the previous two nights. The readings were anywhere from 86-92. So the Luna does not breath as well as they claim and does indeed cause the bed to sleep hot. Just how hot will be determined byyour body tempurature and type of bed. Memory foam tends to retain heat, the tempflow has airholes in the top of the matress, on the sides as well as built in airchannels. It appears that the Luna is restricting that air movement. It just comes down to if you can tollerate it or not for the sake of a matress cover. I had thought about a wool one but right now those are out of my price range.

hi rskman,

Now that’s what I call scientific evidence … thanks for sharing your measurements :slight_smile:

It also confirms that while the thin membrane type of protectors may be a good compromise in terms of breathability and waterproofing … they are clearly not as breathable as other options that use natural fibers like wool or cotton.

The tempflow is also more breathable than most memory foam mattresses so this would likely be cooler than most other memory foam options.

Thanks again for your feedback