Which is the best?

I have read a lot of your site. My wife and I desperately need a new bed. We have had the same inner spring mattress for 18 years. We are looking at the following but after reading on your site I am a bit confused and unsure of the best option. I was hoping to find a top ten list or something on your site, lol.

Inspiration Queen (Sealy Optimum) 
Savant Queen (iComfort by Serta)
Cloud Supreme (Tempurpedic)

We were trying not to exceed $2,000 with our budget, but I don’t want to make the wrong investment either. I like softer beds and my wife a little firmer, so I liked the Cloud Lux, but we decided on the Cloud Supreme because it was a little firmer for her. We have not purchased anything yet, when I say we decided I mean for one of our choices. I would really like to know what you might recommend. I found the idea of the Optimum interesting because I am generally a hot body, but I don’t like an unproven track record which brings me back to temperpedic. If we need to up our budget, I would like to know that also. I just don’t want to make a bad investment.

Also, one last thing is the Breeze version of the Tmpurpedics worth it?

Thank you very much for any input.


Hi chucklo,

A mattresses needs to be suitable for the needs and preferences of each person in terms of what I call PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and because each person can be unique, to only have 10 good mattresses would mean that there would have to be only 10 types of people. It would be like being limited to only 10 types of food or 10 types of car.

To answer your question though as to which of the mattresses you are looking at is “best” … my answer would be clearly “none of the above” and all of them are mattresses I wouldn’t consider.

I think the best suggestion I could make is to read post #1 here and the information it links to which will help you exclude the worst choices (such as the ones you mentioned) and focus on the better ones. It will also give you the steps that can lead to much better choices. this is the single most important post on the forum.

As you will see, a mattress in only as good as the construction and materials inside it and two of these (Sealy, Serta) don’t even tell you what is in their mattresses and if you do have the ability to find out you would find they have some questionable quality materials and are not good value compared to many other mattresses made by smaller independent manufacturers. The third (Tempurpedic) uses “mostly” good quality materials but charges significantly more for them than other manufacturers that use the same or better quality materials and sell for significantly less.

Your budget is certainly easily enough to buy a great quality/value mattress that would be everything you wanted … but if you go in any of the directions you are looking you will be sacrificing quality, value, or both.

Once you’ve read some of the basic information … if you let me know your zip or the city you live i’d be happy to let you know about any of the better options I’m aware of in your area.


Zip is 29926, there are a variety of stores here including Mattress Firm.

Hi chuckly,

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Hilton head Island area are listed in post #2 here.

The first (and quite possibly the last) place I would go is The Charleston Bedding but I’ll also take a look tomorrow to see if there are any other local possibilities that are closer than Savannah for the rest.

As you probably (hopefully) know I wouldn’t walk through the front door of Mattress Firm :slight_smile:


Hi chuckly,

I looked at or talked to about 20 different companies that sell mattresses in and around Hilton Head Island and added two more possibilities to the list I linked to in my last post.

I would tend to avoid the rest which mostly sell either major brands, lower quality mattresses, or either have little knowledge about mattresses or little interest in finding out what is in them for their customers.

Hope that helps.