Which mattress to buy for adjustable base, with an odd situation.

Here’s our story.
Many years ago we purchased a lovely antique canopy bed, double bed size.

Ten Years ago we bought an adjustable base, which worked ok with the bed frame. (It’s a Leggett and Platt, which has worked well for ten years)
We were told that we.could use a “short queen” mattress with this setup, which would give us the width of a queen size mattress, while still allowing us to keep our full-size canopy bed frame. We went to Ikea and found that their queen-sized latex mattress was actually 2" shorter than the standard queen so we bought one, and it has worked well for almost ten years. It is 6" wider than the bed, but that’s not a problem.

It has worked well for ten years.
But now the mattress is sagging and we have to replace it. I
I understand that “short queeen” mattresses, sold for use in RVs, would be a good fit.
We would want to get a foam mattress, because of the use with the adjustable bed (which is used daily), so my question here is where can we find a good quality short queen mattress , foam of some kind, that we could confidently ordee without seeing it and trying it out first?
None of the retailers in our area have short queens on display.

Would synthetic foams work as well as latex for our situation?

Thanks for any advice.


Hey Happy Hunter,

Awesome forum name.

  1. Adjustable Base

Leggett and Platt is a popular adjustable base brand as they sell to a lot of mattress brands.

GhostBed is known for our adjustable bases for its unique features. You should be able to find a mattress to work with yours.

  1. RV Short Queen Mattress

You’ll want to just double check measurements as the short rv queen mattress can sometimes be measured as 60" x 74" OR 60" x 75"

It is a challenge to order online as most brands do not carry it. We can custom make for a fee.

Just be sure to look at the edges of the mattress material to make sure its extra supported for an adjustable base bars to not sag on the sides of your next new mattress As you are active adjustable base users.

Good luck on 10 plus more years of great sleep ahead of you!